so, we’re back, and it’s wrong-lyric wednesday darlings.

today we’re bringing you the soul-stirring, tear-inducing, we-really-should-be-doing-something-better-with-our-lives-than-writing-this-stupid-blog—ballad:  “alive” by sia. we take this gorgeous, life-affirming, man-in-the-mirror, go-make-a-change-style anthem and basically let katie’s dog, jones, use it as a litter box.

jones ↑.

he’s a BIG dog.

and that would be a big litter box.

and while we’re on the subject of “waste”…our apologies in advance.


you’ll see.

we just don’t have the budget yet for a proper camera man and katie hasn’t figured out how to use the “white out” function on her camera; in consequence, you, dear readers, have to suffer…eric beach quite literally IS the man in the mirror.

so without further delay, here is our version of sia’s “alive”:

i have to say, i’m still partial to our interpretation.

wouldn’t you like a nice, comfy, cozy blanket of “ambien” rather than wearing a cold, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, non-elastic waistband of “envy“?

and how would you wear YOUR ambien sweethearts? with a heel? with a bomber jacket? a smokey eye?

ok. that’s all for us today. remember to keep telling us your wrong-lyrics so we can share them or even have you over for champagne and or coffee.




  1. Debbie Springer Reply

    I love love your Wrong Lyrics Wednesday videos…….I sit at my computer and just laugh my head off……you two are the BEST!!!
    Big Girl Crush XOXO

  2. I don’t know why or how I didn’t see this before, but I just saw the Wrong Lyric Wednesday post of “Africa.” Eric is f-ing AMAZING. Thanks, ladies, for making my Saturday.

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