we’re back from our spring break and almost recovered from a week of beer bonging and body shots. j/k. we’ve just been up to our eyeballs in mygym classes and googling the answers to 3rd grade math questions. #momming

this week we took it way back to 1990, one of our favorite decades, and not just because katie gets to pull out her mother of pearl choker and rock her best brenda walsh.  wearing our favorite menswear- inspired suit {or sweats and sportsbra. whatevs,} we’re vogue-ing down the aisles of the grocery store to bring you our 4th installment of wrong lyric wednesday.

i mean, who doesn’t know the word’s to madonna’s vogue!? um, apparently leigh. and while singing about hair and teeth seemed so apropos for the material girl, come to find out she was, per usual, way off.

and, in case you want to strike a pose and re-learn the choreography, here’s how the queen of pop actually lays it down:

oh! oh! and we finally got a facebook page! holla! cruise on over and tell us what song you’re royally screwing up. oh, and don’t forget to “like” us. {more likes=good for our massive egos}

hope you’re dancing through the rest of your week, lovelies.

leigh + katie


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