happy humpday hotties! welcome to our first-ever wrong lyric wednesday…potentially our only “wlw” if you don’t find us as funny as we find ourselves {or if katie keeps her “flying nun” hairdo.} we spend a lot of time around music and new songs as spin instructors- simultaneously we discover that we spend a similar amount of time singing the wrong words. wrong lyric wednesday will be our attempt to clear up any confusion. you’re welcome. oh! and we want to know what songs you’ve royally effed up too. tell us! and you could be featured on the next wlw! lucky you…

and if you’re even MORE confused after watching our video, or again just by katie’s hair alone, watch the REAL video, with the REAL lyrics—HERE!




  1. I just need it to be PARTY, PARTY and what’s so bad about talking about lingerie???

  2. Ummm there’s another part of that song I’ve been singing wrong with naughty word that I was shocked the radio was playing!! 😹😹🙈🙈

    • admin Reply

      what is it!?!??! i’ve listened for it twice, and can’t hear it!!??! spill it erin!!

  3. Michelle Q Reply

    Ok, I’ve been hearing we came here to “party” so muchas gracias for clearing that up. World = rocked.

    Now for my confession. Taking you way back to the ’80s, Ghostbusters 2 came out and Bobby Brown was a solo king when he broke off from his NE boys. His song “On Our Own” was the prime track for the movie and the chorus tells us that “we’re gonna have to take control” with background vocals belting out “we’ve got, we’ve got, we’ve got”

    The lyrics my adolescent self sang loud and proud? Instead of “we’ve got, we’ve got, we’ve got” I was belting out “Pecan, pecan, pecan”.

    • admin Reply

      oh my god!! i love it michelle!!! so much better with “pecan! pecan! pecan!!”

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