wonderful wednesday greetings to you, darlings. it’s quickly becoming our fave day of the week. on today’s “wlw” we’re featuring our first-ever guinea pig guest. he’s our fave guy to publicly shame and or humiliate. he’s also leigh’s husband, eric. beach is taking on toto’s africa…which happens to be one of leigh + katie’s favorite songs ever in the history of all songs…

can we get an amen?

if you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard the original song, you can watch it on repeat here.

what song do you screw up? we want to know!

we hope you have a fabulous week.

katie + leigh


  1. OMG, on Semester at Sea, we would sing ” catch the waves down in Africa” I am so happy you taught me the real lyrics.

    • admin Reply

      danielle, i’m just happy memories from “semester at sea” are coming back to you….i thought the whole point was to be drunk the whole time!??!

  2. I always thought it was I miss the rains down in Africa!! 😂🤣

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