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 we live and die by the number of likes we get on our instagram and facebook; our self worth and value as women is determined ONLY by how well-received we are on social media.

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    • admin Reply

      well it’s not like we had him demo a “sculpting biceps” segment…but we are VERY low-budget…we take whatever free labor we’re offered….not like he offered.

  1. Yea! I’m ready to play/watch/laugh/&hit the “like” button!

    Not to dog pile on Eric, but Cassie’s right, he goes right when we all know it should be left! (Pun intended!)

    • Eric Beach Reply

      Haha! This is the funniest “left” joke since Al Franken did Stuart Smiley!

  2. Michelle Millerq Reply

    We’ll won’t this be fun to watch you two ladies…
    Considering that I have been taking 2 percosets every 6 hours for over a week, I could use your advice as to how to ween myself down…
    Haha, missing you ladies at Grit, but now I can get my fix and giggle! Great endorphins…

    • admin Reply

      miss you michelle…..{2}percocets!?!??! yikes!! sounds like you’ll be writing your OWN blog soon!

  3. Can’t wait to experience this!!!! It will be an “experience” right?

    • admin Reply

      hahahhaha…experience is a relative word…..love you dana.


    I LOVE THIS!!!! (and miss you and your classes) Can’t wait for more posts!!

  5. Debbie Springer Reply

    Oh my goodness ladies…….I love you both and the added Ericnation just topped off your first video to your blog….. I am nuts for your three!!

    • admin Reply

      we are nuts for our debbie springer!! definitely will need to get a debbie springer cocktail on the blog please!!

  6. You both just make me happy so anything you do will be awesome !!!❤❤❤❤

    • admin Reply

      thank you meagan!! although mr. beach thinks we need a third “lady”…

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