tuesday tidings to you lovers.

katie here, emerging from the damnation of hand, foot + mouth disease.

i wish my photo had scratch-n-sniff capabilities because these sweet peas will sugar up your sourest of days {and sleepless nights.}

my dear friend julie grows these magnificent flowers in her garden, and, knowing that they’re my MOST favorite flower, kindly brings me one gorgeous bouquet after another.

so nice, right? i guess that’s ONE way to live.

i mean the only things i grow in MY garden are resentment and my abandonment issues.

so yes, our littlest succumbed to the dreaded hand, foot + mouth virus. she’s fine, bounced back like a  champ. me, on the other hand, i’m on my 3rd 5150.

in between visits to the psyche ward i was able to pop out a couple batches of these cookies. they’re my response to the unicorn frappuccino craze sweeping the nation. remember those cookies i tried to make for easter? they were awful!  i fussed  with the recipe a bit and came up with my own, better {i think} version.

these are delicious. they’re like if a birthday cake and chocolate chip cookie started dating.

can we all just take a moment to thank the gods for lana + the weeknd’s new duet “lust for life“?

where my readers at?

so i just started this on the advice of my {very funny and very brainy} friend peter stein, but i’m having a hard time. although i’ve NEVER done meth, when i read this book, the writing, albeit fantastic {and pulitzer prize winning,} makes me feel as if i am on methamphetamines; not the effect i’m looking for in a read at 2am when i’m trying to get “back to sleep.” it’s like hunter s. thompson, a hamster, and my toddler all got jacked up on my unicorn cookie and decided to dance it out in my vitamix. has anyone else read this? thoughts? do i keep going? or shelve for a vacation when i can “day read”?

if anyone’s met me they know i do NOT believe in diets of ANY kind—show me a diet and i’ll show you 5 extra pounds  i didn’t plan to gain. i’m also a girl who cannot do cleanses, programs, jump-starts, etc….just too many head/body issues even for the DSM-5 to pool, but i know most of you {like my girl leigh} can do these programs like honors students.

well our friend, and original girl crush, cassie piasecki, is beginning her FAMOUS, FREE of charge, move-the-needle program this week. people RAVE about this challenge, and i have seen the results first hand; it works.

is it a diet? NO! is it restrictive? NO!

it’s a month-long challenge of bringing out a more healthier you—a glowier, happier, bouncier, you—forget about weightloss–it’s about FEELING good.

did i mention it’s free, too? check it out here.

so that’s all i have for this tuesday morning.

no sleep, lot’s of sugar, great music, a healthy baby, great friends, and the most beautiful flowers—-life is sweet.



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