monday happy to you dollfaces.

{katie here}

ask my hunkiest, i am NOT a girl who will work for shoes. i don’t go gaga for gucci or get on my knees for nicholas kirkwood. i did once break out in a sweat for some tod loafers, but that was only because  derek lam, himself was hawking the driving shoe. rarely do i lose my shit over footwear. enter the greats a luxury men’s and women’s sneaker line out of brooklyn, new york.

greats makes a gorgeous women’s sneaker the the royale that quickly sent my old, falling apart, and never quite comfortable adidas into the give-away bin.

hand-made in italy and using premium full-grain leather {the kind that just gets softer with age and use} greats are sneakers made to last a lifetime.

the more you wear these greats, the more the leather “gives” and the comfier + softer they become.

i love that i can wear these all day long {with a superinvisible stance sock} and not have shrek feet at the end of the day–i have a thing about my feet–i don’t wear shoes that give me ugly feet.

this is definitely not a fitness shoe mind you.

i ordered the wooster to replace my old white vans {and also because they bribed me with a discount if i bought another pair—i’m easy like that.}

i’ve been working these in all week and already they’ve become my new favorite shoe. if you get a pair, don’t let the “stiffness” fool you on first try-on; it eventually dissipates and mellows into a cozy, cushioned support.

what is your favorite sneaker?

happy trails,




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