happy summer solstice campers!—katie here.

since summer and i are “calendar” official i thought i’d give my current round-up of sunscreens i’ve been heavily courting.

some girls go to second base for the season’s newest mark cross or peacock nobu’s happy hour for tabitha simmons polka dots; i’m all: “who’s pre-nup do i have to sign for some zinc oxide“?

i stash sunscreen like those kardashians hoard handbags, shoes, and lip filler.

it’s a problem and i should seek help, but i never let a good tube of sunscreen go to waste and sun protection brings me immense happiness.

and it should go without saying, NO animals are harmed in the making or application of my sunscreen—so save your judgement for my sour cream addiction and listen up.

you may recall my recent glossier sunblock post. although i adored the consistency, feel, and scent; ultimately my pigment-friendly, half-japanese skin did not get along with this chemical-block. i gifted the glossier away to a melasma-free face who says the glossier is “the best sunscreen she’s ever used.

the following are all physical sunscreens, meaning they contain active mineral ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, and work by sitting on top of the skin and scattering and deflecting UV rays, rather than a chemical sunscreen which absorbs the rays.

my skincare arsenal is chockfull of mychelle products, and sunscreen is no exception. mychelle sunscreens are top-notch, a favorite with the ewg, and not expensive. i believe they carry nine different sun protection formulas; each fantastic and offering something different and specific.

 replenishing solar defense is their most classic facial sunscreen. i can use it in replace of a moisturizer because it is a more luxuriant consistency; but in no way is it ever greasy.  their sunshield clear spray is divine. it’s the only physical sunblock SPRAY i’ve found that doesn’t sting, doesn’t stink, and isn’t sticky; i also use this spray on my baby, it’s so easy to throw a diaper on her and spray her like i’m a house painter. it comes out pretty watery and you have to rub it in. i like to spray it on my hands first and then apply.

mychelle’s newest product, sunshield liquid tint in natural tan, feels the most like “nothing” on my skin. i’m super impressed with this product. it really does come out like a liquid and goes on dry. i like to mix a face oil with it so i don’t look too matte….i get asked all of the time if i’ve been “laying out” when i wear this one {clearly by people who don’t know me;} because it definitely gives me a nice ban de soleil  or my favorite–“are you hawaiian?” appeareance.

i’m on my 3rd year using coola’s cucumber mineral sunscreen in matte finish, and i will always buy this beautiful sunscreen for my face. it feels like marshmallow fluff and smells like spa water. definitely not weightless, but not heavy either, you have to give it a couple of minutes after applying to feel like it disappears on your skin. 

for an absolute flawless surface it doesn’t get any better than md solar sciences mineral creme. this mineral facial creme creates the smoothest skin ever. i’m shocked this isn’t marketed as a primer; it creates the most beautiful coating of “perfect“. it IS a heavier formulation, so i tend to wear it when i’m going to be more indoors, when it’s not so hot out, or toward the evening {yes, you STILL need sunscreen} but again it’s NOT greasy, oily or stifling to the skin.

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i originally bought erbaviva sunscreen for my baby and now we both use it on the road.

i think this is a great, simple, no-nonsense sunscreen that is good to have in the car so you can share it with the whole family—there’s zero scent or tint so boys can use it too.

erbaviva is again, favored by the ewg.

and finally pirette.

pirette, born and bred right here in newport beach, is the sunscreen/lotion i go through the most. concocted from zinc oxide and coconut oil, pirette keeps me melasma free and smelling like the surf. you can read my original review for pirette here.

as with all of my recommendations, these are all cruelty-free, paraben-free, and suitable/safe enough for babies 6 months or older.

what are your favorite sunscreens lovers?




  1. Great post! And I’m obsessed with Coola thanks to you. Going to snatch some of these for my littles. Thanks!

  2. I’ve got a fresh bottle of Coola spray sunscreen in my bag for next week’s desert trip. My child won’t let me touch the Glossier. It is really good. When I workout outdoors, Neutrogena Dry Touch 50 doesn’t run in my eyes. Is it bad that I use Hawaiian Tropics shimmer in 30 on my body? I love the way it smells and shimmers.

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