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when i was 4 years old my mom, in an attempt to buy herself a few minutes from my incessant, insatiable, and supernatural pleas for undivided attention, let me see the original, star-making, incest-laden film, blue lagoon, starring a fourteen-year old brooke shields, her chestnut hair, and her naked body.

two pivotal junctures resulted from this mommy and me outing:

  1. my lifelong journey into psychotherapy ensued, and…..

       2.  my unyielding quest for the perfect, tousled, beach waved coif began.

 both have become acute missions for my time here on earth.

my attempts at summer hair-{wind-blown, carefree, suntan lotion smelling} have, in the past, rendered me with sticky, clumpy hair {insert “something about mary joke HERE.} i HATE the feeling of most products in my hair; i don’t even really like to use conditioner, but instead of just reading another smug, self-absorbed, wannabe-beauty blog

……..{oh hi there?}……..

i reached out to the experts around town, and asked them what they use to make brooke shields’ blue lagoon hair.

i started with MY boss, laurie bernard from holiday salon. laurie is co-owner of holiday, and she also cuts and colors my hair. she is queen bad-ass, and is the doll-face who convinced me to chop my dead squirrel head of hair off last year. it’s been over a year, and i still LOVE my haircut. laurie cuts my hair so well i rarely see her; which sucks for me because i adore my time in the chair with her…..and also sucks for her because then she doesn’t make as much money off of me—LAURIE?!??! you should do a shittier job! you’d make more money?!?

laurie was quick with her recommendation for what she uses to give her clients beachy waves:

“we have quite a few products, all are from bumble + bumble. surf shampoo and conditioner, surf foam spray, and surf infusion,  all are really good. the newest product from bumble + bumble is called “don’t blow it” one for thick and one for fine hair.”

all of these can be purchased at holiday salon right here on 17th street in costa mesa.

misha nesselrod, orange county’s beauty expert GURU, on-call make-up artist and brow stylist to anyone who cares about how they look {she’s also a co-owner of holiday salon} swears by oribe aprés beach as her “fave.” she sells it at the salon and says: it has a salty grip to it but also has yummy nourishing oils so your hair doesn’t feel so dried out and crispy.”  this is also leigh’s favorite product for {leigh} beach waves. {wink wink}

we absolutely LOVE jan levin zanellato!!! she’s a stylist at newport beach’s lavender salon + boutique and blowdry bar.  jan absolutely LOVES sail by r+ co.

rich in vitamin c and sea kelp, sail keeps hair uber soft without all the stiff, stickiness brought on by many sea sprays and gels. jan sells this coveted, soft wave spray at lavender salon + boutique, located in the newly renovated castaway commons on westcliff drive {near cafe gratitude}. 

 our IT girl tera stephens, from tress apothecary, uses texture wave from shu uemera when her clients ask for those beachy, just left THE wedge look. named the “best texturizing spray” of 2016, texture wave gives buildable body and major hold without looking stiff or crunchy.  tera sells this and other great products in her beautiful salon down in the lido marina village.

how about you lovelies? do you have any products you swear by for summer “blue lagoon” hair? let us know on  instagram or on facebook.



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