monday happy to you m’loves!

katie here fresh off a whirlwind week of FUNdraising, spin-bike riding, birthday celebrating, and knocking cancer in the teeth.

our fourth annual gritty up took place over the weekend. this is where grit cycle {where leigh and i teach} raises money for the john wayne cancer foundation.

riders come together and sweat their hearts out for three hours in the name of fighting cancer.

we kicked these rides off with an adult shindig, a silent auction, a dance floor, and a party bus. 

this year’s auction was held at the ranch at laguna beach.

although the bosses touted decor, delicious food and high-quality service as deciding factors for the venue; leigh and i both know it was ALL about the beautiful lighting and scenery the ranch provided US for OUR selfie-taking.

sometimes we forget there are lines not to cross……”hold my beer……

and there may or may not have been bladder control issues…..i’m not naming names.

but for the most part we behaved ourselves.

we learned we do NOT understand instagram and its STUPID stories…..

but we DO love each other and our grit cycle community.

this fantastic, local and mighty crew raised over $300k!?!?—i mean, come ON?!!?

so amazing.

the gratitude tears were flowing and the pride is still swelling.

the bosses busted their butts and the payoff was huge.

thank you to all who supported us.

you can still donate here.

lastly, my girl had a birthday on wednesday, and you can see it was quite the blow out.

56+ people showed up to show their love for our leigh.

eric, leigh’s devoted husband {front right, blue shorts} made sure everyone had a custom “beach please” t-shirt. it was a fantastic day and a teeny, tiny way for us all to show our girl how crazy we are about her. “happy birthday beautiful leigh.

that’s all i have lovers. be good to one another. be good to yourselves.



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