wednesday happy to you jelly beans!

katie here, coming at you with another review from my medicine cabinet.

i am over the moon for herbivore’s moonfruit, “a superfruit night treatment” that takes my skin on a celestial trip every evening to new stratospheres of supple and lifted.

i know….but what PRECISELY is a “superfruit—-night —–treatment“? {sounds like a terrible bachelor party upgrade i don’t want to know about.}

according to herbivore  this treatment “feeds skin with superfruits, gently resurfaces with fruit enzymes and hydrates deeply with a blend of exotic butters and bio-identical vegan Hyaluronic Acid all while you sleep.”

to be honest, i have no idea what it does exactly. it’s not a mask, it feels heavier than a serum, but doesn’t wear like a cream–you REALLY have to blend this baby in. to me, it’s like a whipped, purple butter with a vintagey, neco-wafer scent that seeps into your face, infusing it with smoothness and elasticity. it’s not hydration or moisture that i notice; it’s the softness and lift of my skin; truly like it’s been lightly “buttered,” but NOT greasy.

i use very little, it goes a long way.  i am on my second jar and the first jar lasted almost 6 months. i’ve read that some people don’t like the smell {it’s strong.} i like it. it smells like easter candy.

herbivore botanicals is becoming one of my favorite skincare lines. i’ve yet to use a product of theirs that i don’t love. created out of their kitchen, herbivore botanicals was started by a husband and wife looking to bring effective, non-toxic, cruelty-free products to market by using essential vitamin, mineral, and botanical formulations.

 anyone else in love with herbivore botanicals or using the moonfruit?

now, go out and love your wednesday to the moon my darlings!




  1. Thanks for sharing, Katie. Have you found anything potent to replace CE Ferulic? I’d love a round-up of the products you use am and pm.

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