katie, here.

if you know me, my wild days of magic mushrooms consist of a portobello sandwich and maybe an illegal white truffle, once, “in college”.

therefore i’ve been rather hesitant to jump on the popular medicinal mushroom train of late; whereby i’m promised increased energy levels, a free-radical defense system equivalent to fort knox, and heightened immune protection.

but dangle the prophecy of “anti-aging” in my starting-to-sag face and i’ll buy anything in bulk!

hence my recent purchase of sun potion’s cordyceps.

so what exactly are cordyceps?

technically they are a fungus {stay with me} —but the good, free-radical fighting, germ-busting, longevity-furthering kind.

cordyceps act as adaptogens–a buzz-word in the wellness world these days.

adaptopgens facilitate physiological processes, aka allowing the body to adapt—they’re like precise, little concierges for all the little events that need to take place in our body.

 i “take” my cordyceps in my coffee of course. sun potion recommends adding it to any type of warm beverage {tea, coffee, water, soup.} it’s also great in smoothies.

on my second cup of coffee of the day, i add a 1/2 teaspoon.

as you can see, it’s super clumpy.

i like to use my aerolatte to blend it up {also especially good with coconut oil.}

the cordyceps are virtually tasteless. trust me if there WAS a taste i would NOT drink it. save for the rare afternoon coconut oil treat,  i take my coffee, BLACK,–no sugar, no sweetener, no-nonsense! i don’t want anything busybodying with the taste of my coffee; if anything the cordyceps adds a nice chicory flavor.

some of the things i’ve noticed since taking cordyceps {i’m on my second jar}:

although i am full throttle back into a pilates program and have had great chiropractic care, my back pain {which had kept me in bed for days at a time} has all but vanished. i notice my recovery time in between workouts feels more energized, and i feel less “wiped out” after i teach. i also feel like i’m so much stronger both on the bike and in pilates than i have ever been. cordyceps is supposed to build muscle tone, athletic endurance, and its oxygenation of the body helps with recovery and fatigue.

i’m not as tired in the afternoons. usually i’m whoring out for a nap around 3pm, but lately i’ve been able to motorboat through mommy and me without them putting me nigh night.

i haven’t noticed any change in my face. i still feel old.

so i am sold on cordyceps. you can buy sun potion online or if you’re local i bought mine at mother’s market.

do you use adaptogens? which ones do you like?




  1. Adaptogens are all the rage and mushrooms are at the top of the list! You are right, you don’t taste a thing!

  2. Oh man, I can’t keep up with these trends! I’m still over here trying to get myself to try charcoal.

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