happy tuesday pussycats!

katie here, reminding you that you have a little over a week before mother’s day, and i’m here to tell you, from the horse’s mouth, who has a c-section scar to prove it—we don’t just “want a card.”

screw birthdays, christmas, valentine’s day—-it’s mutha-f*cking mother’s day, and i’m about to get all veruca salt on your ass; so either get me my goddamn oompa-loompa or my toddler and i are going to throw down in the temper tantrum department; and trust me she’s been tutoring me in the art of major league public meltdowns—-especially in target, restaurants, and in parking lots.

today i’ve assembled some of my favorite ideas for gifts in case you have some mommies of your own you’d like pamper. mind you: a “mommy” does not need apply to someone who birthed a child; just ask urban dictionary–i DARE YOU!

so go ahead and use this gift guide for any gorgeous female you adore who is deserving of your affection.

i’m all about the new skin-care brand anese, started and made right here on the west coast. cheeky in their packaging and  all-natural and vegan in their products, anese is completely responsible in their sourcing and doesn’t test on animals. i’m digging their hair and body mists. each hydrates and lightly scents your skin and hair with healthy, anti-aging ingredients that instantly pep up your mood. the “f*ck bad vibes”  is a darker, woodsier, almond scent made for dryness, “smells like queen spirit” is doused with orange blossom {so good} and has a sunnier, more summer feel, made for soothing; “gotta peace out”  is the beach in a bottle; made with coconuts and neroli; this moisturizing blend is bound to get you feeling the sand between your toes; and “bless this mess” is made with actual holy water-even the catholic girl in me has NO idea what that means-but i do know it smells clean and fresh.

these mists are great right out of the shower, in your gym bag, on your desk or in your car for when you need a little refreshing “pick-me-up” in your day.

it’s now the law that we must bring our own bags when we shop here in california {can i get an “amen”?”}-these baggu bags are THE best! super cute , you can easily wash them {wash those bags you guys—they get disgusting!} and they fold up like kleenex in your purse they’re so light. i love my little llama’s and elephant ones.

i’m a giant fan of everything emily mcdowell. she makes the most fun mugs, cards, and totes. my most recent snag is the above “everything is fine” pouch; perfect for all my prozac prescriptions or cosmetics. you can buy these online or if you’re in orange county fleur de lys stocks them.

for the mamma who’s fighting that clock one wrinkle at a time, this is definitely the gift for her. i know. i know. so weird-looking, but this is a FACE-SAVER; especially for side sleepers like me. i’ve been using the nurse jamie pillow for 6 months now and it’s far superior to any other beauty pillow i’ve used in the past {i started sleeping with them about 4 years ago.} compared to other beauty pillows the nurse jamie pillow STAYS full and firm night after night. it’s so soft and satin’y {even with weekly washes.} and i’ve yet to have bed/pillow face or a stiff neck from it. 

as a girl who looks longingly back on her pre-baby, marathon soaks in the tub, nothing sounds more luxurious these days than just 15 minutes ALONE in the bath tub. this green bath potion from moa is just the tonic to transcend me back into those days of peace.

just to show that us mom’s do NOT need a ton of money spent on them–i’ve saved my favorite gift for last, and it costs only $5. these summer soaps from victoria sweden soaps are the best. i try to mainly buy bar soap; when i start to think of all the plastic containers adding up from the world’s body wash’s, even my beauty pillow can’t get me to sleep. i also feel like bar soap just gets you cleaner; there’s no “filmy residue” that so many of the gels leave–blech…

so there you have it: katie’s mother’s day gift guide.

one caveat to the list: no gifts necessary if you let mom get an entire day, free to sleep in, nap, and hide in her bathtub.

what are you guys getting your mom’s? what are you asking for?




  1. Okay, i need to know about beauty pillows? How has my vain ass never heard of this?!

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      on it!! i will post on beauty pillows…i thought i did on “GNI”—you will LOVE!

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