katie here.

happy spring sweet chickens!

spring is my favorite season.

jasmine is in bloom, the baby birds are a chirping, i can wear seersucker for weeks on end, and daytime boozing is no longer frowned upon.

to get in the swing of spring i gifted myself with a brand new bag!

although i’ve loved my old tote for 6 years plus, with the leaky formula bottles, crumbled ella bars, and exploding sunscreen, my beloved satchel needed some rest and recoup.

enter the “catalina” tote by the pacific tote company.

these are my favorite canvas tote bags.

created by roman coppola; and designed and manufactured in california, pacific tote bags are made of the sturdiest canvas {thus are cruelty-free,} are easily washable, light, and, in my opinion go with everything–it’s california for goodness sakes, people wear converse and levi’s to black tie affairs.

the “catalina” is super roomy {i have pontoon-sized feet-so you can use that morsel of information to help you with scale;} i can carry all my crap {diapers-for myself AND sutton,} my laptop, wallet, costco sized sunscreen, etc. and still have room for a block of cheddar cheese and a pound of peet’s coffee when i forget to bring my grocery bags to ralph’s.

i just love the style.  it reminds me of old, vintage, southern california; going to the beach in our old jeep wagoneer, no seat-beats, mom smoking kent 100’s with the windows rolled up, listening to ronnie milsap sing about “taking the long way around the world.

so cute right!?!

right now you can get 20% off the catalina tote {gotta be a st. patty’s day thing—shh don’t tell em the leprechaun has gone to bed—they’re prolly still drunk.} snag up the deal quick before they sober up and take it away!.

happy shopping kittens!



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