wednesday happy to you m’loves….katie here, still tripping on her adaptogens.

it’s true, i have fallen, jefferson airplane deep, into the rabbit hole of medicinal mushroom love; watch out readers, next thing you know i’ll be wearing a flower crown and following Phish around for the summer.

for the past month or so, i’ve been drinking four sigmatic mushroom products.

four sigmatic is a line of drinkable mushroom elixirs receiving nick jonas-level worship in the wellness community. now i’m not about to throw my ten dollar bra-lette down the supplement aisle in ecstasy and adoration; but i WILL fork over two bucks to see what the fuss is about.

i have tried 5 different versions of the marvelous mushroom as offered from four sigmatic lion’s mane for mental clarity, chaga for anti-oxidant supply and immune support, mushroom coffee, which has a blend of organic 100% arabica, mycotoxin-free coffee with organic lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms; the idea that you get your coffee intake without the caffeine fritz, reishi, a perfect anti-dote to a stressful day or nightcap before bed, and mushroom hot cocoa mix with reishi the alternative to everyone’s favorite warm, calorie-cloaked chocolate drink.

because i have a hard to please palate {ie pretty much anything described “earthy” makes me gag–even reading the word, earthy, makes me heave;} i only bought the individual packets; four sigmatic and i weren’t about to go facebook official until i could deep throat a whole 8oz without ralphing.

needless to say, how many of you got here right now, from a facebook post?

so yes. i am a fan.

let me just say though the coffee is NOT coffee! false! wrong. it is my favorite of the flavors, but it is not at all like a coffee. it resembles a delicious, VERY slight terriyaki/miso soup’y, green tea-like taste. that probably sounds gross, but it’s not—if you like asian food, i think you’ll like the coffee.

same thing with the hot cocoa—it’s not an alternative to hot chocolate…..just go out and have your bloody 1000 calorie drink if that’s what you’re craving—because this mushroom elixir is NOT going to quench your hurting for a hot chocolate; if you’re anything like me it’ll only increase the itch and you’ll wind up consuming more crap you didn’t even want when you should have just had the so-called contraband in the first place. the four sigmatic mushroom hot cocoa with cordyceps is made to be consumed espresso-style and helps stabilize your energy.

the chaga on its own tastes like a benign, non-offensive asian tea. i couldn’t taste it when i added it to my morning coffee. i probably drink this one the most.

i really like my four stigmatic elixirs. they are definitely a taste i have acquired. they’re super convenient. i just boil hot water and pop the contents of the pouch into a mug, mix and enjoy.

medicinal mushrooms are the new IT superfood and these are a great and tasty way to jam in these nutrients.

it’s also a nice excuse for me to take five minutes out of my day, whether i’m at home, in an office, or in the car {i often stop at a gas station mart and use their hot water; } where i can take a moment to pause, hold a mug in my hands, and just be a little more tuned in to the moment, my brain {and the stories it’s trying to tell me, both false and true,} and breath which seems to be on constant defibrillator demand these days…..#livingthemuglife.

ok, that’s it for now, off to listen to purple haze.



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