happy monday sweethearts. katie here, back from vacation, unrested and beset with the need to recover; note to self: traveling with a toddler isn’t the same as a ‘couple’s only’ trip.

i’m happy to be home and back on my regular schedule of structured madness.

today i’m talking to you about jade rolling.

i was first introduced to jade massage during a facial at ling skincare; still hands down one of the best facials of my life. tina, the aesthetician massaged my face with a cold, mint green device called the “jade roller'” and described to me how it helped the products dissipate deeper into my skin, stimulated my collagen, and warded off wrinkles. all i knew was that it felt incredible, and i had to have one.

better yet, i bought TWO! these are not expensive. i purchased mine on amazon, and the reason i got two was so i could use both hands and get both sides of my face at the same time! i keep mine in the fridge, so they’re nice and cold which gives an even more “depuffing” effect to my face.

my favorite ritual is to jade roll with my coffee, first thing in the morning, while i watch the news. i’ve been using this herbivore rose hibiscus hydrating face mist {i bought it locally at BARDOT OC.}

now don’t get all jealous by my laura ashley get up here…..but katie likes to feel all “little house on the prairie” in the morn…this sometimes leads to an unnatural urge to churn butter, but that’s a whole different post.

so how DOES one jade roll!?

this image is a pretty good blueprint of what direction you need need to roll. there are a ton of you-tube videos  {with different accents, home decor, and hairstyles} on proper technique so check them out.

do any of you already jade roll? what do you think of it?

happy rolling lovers!




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  1. Cassie Piasecki Reply

    I haven’t thought about Laura Ashley in years!!!
    Thank you!

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