katie here.

so for those who read my previous blog, you know i like to share shove my finds, favorites, and have-to-haves/smell/taste/hear’s in the world of skin care, home goods, food, entertainment, etc. down your sweet, “we didn’t ask you katie” throats.

 i’m that consumer who falls for every advertising pitch: i WILL conclude that achieving the perfect Ph balance in my armpit will land me the husband of my dreams, and that grazing on your vitamin-fortified cereal bar will wow all the executives in today’s board meeting!

mind you i’ve got one divorce under my belt, i’m on my second marriage {albeit a beautiful one,} and my “career” requisites entail wearing lycra, a fanny pack, and knowing how many “8-counts” there are in the chorus of “smack my bitch up.”—so i’m not exactly running out to buy costco sized packages of special K bars and lady speed stick dry.

having combed through my slew of bullshit products, “hello slipper genie?!!” i’m here to deliver the stuff that works, is worth your money, won’t make you sick {is non-toxic} and is always cruelty-free {save for my music choices!}

here’s what i’m currently jamming on:

first on my list is weleda’s skin food.

long gone are those shiny, happy youthful skin days where i swabbed bottles of sea breeze to my adolescent, let-me-solve-the-world’s-oil-crisis-with-my-chin-alone skin.

i hit a certain age and my face feels and looks like willie nelson’s leather saddle.

head’s up: weleda’s skin food is thick; slathering it on gives me slight carpal tunnel, but the day-long moisture {i know–THAT word} is worth it.

don’t freak out if you look super goopy right away, you have to give it 5 minutes to “sink in.”

next, i’m digging erase the day mineral removing cleanser by goddess garden.

i predict this line, goddess garden, will go on to great things. i’ve just started trying some of their products, but i’m addicted to this cleanser. it gets EVERYTHING off {that damn waterproof mascara} and leaves your face and undereye area {!!!!} velvety.

i’m always on the hunt for all-natural soy candles. soy candles are cleaner burning – no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means they’re less likely to trigger allergies and won’t produce soot. natural body and bath candles are made from soy wax and scented with essential oils NOT synthetic fragrances—which means an even healthier candle.

these two scents cucumber mint and morning dew are the perfect for this time of year. both are super fresh, clean, and keep me energized on these “california” winter days.

 homegoing by Yaa Gyasi is a must-read for you fiction lovers!

a page-turner that kept me up for two nights, this best-seller traces generations of families, tribes and a culture from 18th century ghana to present day northern california.

i love a book that teaches me something {even though i say all the time: “i’m done with the lessons GOD!!!”}

i eat up a book that kicks my ass and takes my liberal-‘ooooh–of COURSE i’m enlightened’ “superiority”—and punches me in the face with shit i never knew or was too scared to REALLY face up to about my country’s history and my ignorant or cognizant participation in it—this book does it all.

i’m often asked if i post my playlists for my classes online. i would, but i change the songs for every class and updating all the time??…well i can barely remember to feed my kid.

so here’s my spotify playlist where i keep current jams i’m loving…fair warning they’re NOT all for spin classes.

ok, so i showed you mine….now you show me YOURS…

what are you currently crushing m’loves?



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