hi. katie here.

i’m a coffee-drinking, non-meat eating, animal-rescuing, msnbc-watching, obama-infatuated bundle of grateful unease.

i’m a sushi-hating, half-jap, married to the hunkiest man alive, who helps me raise two entitled, unrestrained, law-breaking dogs, jones + priscilla.

we are also the proud parents of our baby girl, sutton {she’s a human.}

i used to spew forth my nonsense over on goodniteirene, but have re-homed my yakkety-yak with my girl leigh.

i used to teach a ton of spin, train the best clients, and nap so hard you’d think there was a gold medal at stake. this motherhood gig has changed things. i’ve had a remodel of sorts. i’ve remodeled my time, my priorities, my life.

it’s different. it’s still rad. but different.

you can still take my spin-but just not LIKE every day. and i teach my coreplay class once a week {lemme know if you’d like a guest pass.}

and now you can find me here! i’m so happy to be back!