be honest.

have you had ingested something GREEN today? a salad? some broccoli? a green juice? sautéed spinach?

before i became a mother i was much better about my nutrition. typically every night was a GIANT spinach salad and during the day i was dutiful about getting a rice bowl or vegetable soup in here and there.

but cut to two-years postpartum, and regrettably much of my nourishment is limited to what i can put into a coffee mug or what i can fit into my pocket.

so you can imagine the joy i felt upon learning i had won {yes as in, i entered a contest and they chose me!–me! i got the final rose!} the cosbar/8greens drawing.

{ok…so it was more random than i would have liked but i STILL won bitches.}

cosbar is the newest addition to the orange county beauty scene. recently opened in the lido marina villa, cosbar is  a multi-brand beauty retailer selling the most luxurious lines in skincare, hair care + makeup.

they are also selling 8greens, a tablet that combines eight plant extracts, including kale, blue-green algae, spinach, wheat grass, aloe vera, barley grass, as well as spirulina and chlorella {both micro algae} that dissolve in water to make a fizzy, energy-boosting drink.

created by dawn russell, herself a cancer survivor who credits consuming the super plants with detoxing and oxygenating her blood and balancing her pH levels, 8greens seeks to make the daily consumption of greens as easy as possible.

every single buzzy lozenge contains ingredients that boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and pack Vitamins A, C, B6, B3 and zinc.

the taste is actually quite nice. it’s very lemon-limey. it reminds me of an old-time green popsicle.

no, this doesn’t get me off the hook from having vegetables. and i really SHOULD sit down and have a salad for lunch today. but in a pinch i do like drinking my 8greens {preferably in a coupe cocktail glasses} to get those greens in.

thank you 8greens and cosbar!

have a healthy day lovers.





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