happy monday dearhearts. katie here, coming in HARD from a weekend of patching with pumpkins and eating my weight in cheddar cheese…..{WHAT!?!-i had a craving!!,} i’m back to the shimmy and shake as we wind down october; although in the last 24 hours the weather has felt like both january AND july.

mr. wind {as sutton calls it} swept through so-cal, turning my already lizard-like skin into parchment paper; cobblers and craftsmen from all over are offering me mad cash for my face and hands so they can create their next IT handbag  and  loafer.

luckily i’m able to stave trappers off with my newest find: AHAVA’s dry oil mist.

i am a bit of an oil snob. typically they’re TOO oily, too sticky, too aromatic {i like to wear them when i teach–so i can’t wear anything heavily perfumed,} OR they have too much going on in them {ie ingredients} and two seconds in the sun turns me into an itchy, scratchy, snarling bear.

AHAVA’s dry oil cactus + pink pepper mist is just the opposite…it truly IS a dry oil. i end up using probably more than i’m supposed to because it quickly dissolves/disappears into a flawless moisturized finish. there is zero grease and the scent, a kind of soft honey, is so soft and unobtrusive i find myself actually wishing it were stronger.  they make other scents i’m anxious to try next: a prickly pear moringa dry oil mist, a mandarin cedarwood dry oil mist, and a sea-kissed scent.

i highly recommend AHAVA’s dry oil cactus + pink pepper mist as your day or night body oil; it’s not the least expensive oil out there, but i feel like i’m treating myself every time i’m using it.

i purchased my  dry oil cactus + pink pepper mist at our local planet beauty….they always have the best in beauty at great deals.

do you have any favorite body oils of your own?



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