can i get a “hands in the air” HELL-YES–it’s friday?!?!?!

what a week?!

i’ve reached my lifetime quota in toddler vomit and tantrums.

I’M the one who needs a binkie!

luckily for me, my baby’s yumminess is sweeter than her salty; and one giggle or sweaty palmed reach for my face renders me amnesiac and full of baby-girl love.

here are few other things i’m loving on:

how cute is leigh?

she’s been momming like a mutha-effer lately to all those beautiful children of hers–meanwhile i’m giving sutton a scissors and a sack of sugar to keep her occupied in the afternoons so i can play on facebook.

hashtag priorities.

here leigh is looking as adorable and MILF’y as can be at her daughter’s speech for class president this week {she won!}–i embarrassed everyone by demanding a photo shoot because her outfit was so insane! tee-shirt is available here.

one of my favorite local shops is doll here in costa mesa. debbie, the owner, besides just being a rad, down-to-earth, girls’ girl, stocks her boutique with gorgeous, wearable, affordable, unique clothing. i can always find a great, under $100 dress at doll. she does carry higher end frocks, but the choices are vast and so accommodating. debbie does such a good job at buying brands that we don’t see in other stores; i sometimes feel like i’m in a vintage store.

this week i snagged this kimono from doll. i am IN love! i’ve been wearing it all over town! it can be dressed up, dressed down; i guess you can even use it as a robe too.

visit or call the store to get one!

so, yeah….i kind of go on benders…it’s the binge eater in me.

i found these kimono dusters at target and they’re amazing!

tissue paper light, with the prettiest, grandma edna’s china pattern motif, these fluttery little capes are great over jeans and a tank, they work as beach cover-ups, over sundresses {↑}, and are the perfect weight for a summer robe.

this next blurb will be getting its own post, but i MUST put the word out some more.

so to say i’m in love is an understatement. i’ve been following cayli cavaco reck {knockingonforty} on instagram for a while where she dishes on her inside knowledge of beauty. last summer she opened a pop-up store, knockout beauty, in bridge-hampton that has evolved into {2} glorious stores….one in bloomindales and she’s officially back in bridgehampton for the summer.

cayli is the first {and pretty much the only save for my dear friends} people i will watch on instagram LIVE; the “loo-crew” as she calls it. i love seeing friends in the “loo”–anyway, if you’re a skincare junkie like me,  it’s a super informative and interesting instagram LIVE that cayli does typically around 5:30am and 5:30pm pacific standard time….see you in the loo!

so did you read gene simmons filed to trademark this hand gesture?  he claims he used it “first”.

now i’m NO fan of gene simmons, but this got me thinking of a certain hand gesture i DO love. and while i don’t think i used it first….i DO believe i use it most…..

anybody know a trademark lawyer?

i try to always leave you with a new song i’m jamming to. this goes on my summer nights playlist FOR SURE; it’s the new single, “better off” from handsome ghost.

weekend happy to you m’loves.

a special father’s day wish to my amazing dad and incredible husband this father’s day; and to all the other father’s out there.





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