happy friday my fellow full-moon lovelies!

katie here, sporting my new  fila heritage settanta ii jacket! it’s the perfect weight for this bi-polar weather we’ve been having lately: chilly in the morning, blazing hot at lunch time, and then frigid again in the afternoon. it also lets me give good margot tenenbaum around town.

i’m loving this jacket along with a few other items i’m willing to share with you. 

i am losing major sleep reading celeste ng’s newest novel “little fires everywhere.

i was a big fan of her debut, “everything i never told you,” the page-turning winner of the new york times alex award, about a family in the 1970’s coming to grips with the death of their daughter. i am liking her new one even better. ng is so great at taking every day suburban life and making it taut, tense and thriller-like; even when there isn’t a criminal narrative to the story.

{photo from www.howsweeteats.com}

i would LOVE it if someone would make me this sparkling pomegranate cider punch—i would slurp it down contest-style, even pretend to be sorority girl drunk on this mocktail and do karoke for you—THAT’S how good this looks to me…but all of those ingredients and steps have me intimidated. these days if a recipe goes beyond “open the jar“—i dodge it like a virus.

lauren daigle’s gorgeous new song, “almost human“, from this weekend’s blockbuster blade runner 2049 is on major repeat and will be making a guest appearance, or two, next week in my grit classes.

are you going to see ryan gosling and jared leto this weekend? hunkiest and i want to see the movie, but i read that it clocks in at almost 3 hours.

please tell me you did see ryan in this “another close encounter” skit last week on SNL….leigh and i have been getting miles and miles of belly laughs quoting it all week-long.

to close this week out i have to give major thanks and love:

tuesday morning i did NOT want to teach. the mood was befittingly heavyhearted, attendance was low, and i couldn’t imagine finding anything appropriate to say in a 45-minute indoor cycling class.

but there is just something about grit cycle, that saddle room, the people, it changes you—i guess you just have to experience it.

there were 31 of us who showed up. we barreled through, side by side, lungs on fire, some of us with tears down our face, others rage in our veins. but we got the job done. we cheered for each other, we sent love to those who needed it, and we walked out with clearer heads and open hearts; ready to do it better—our jobs, our health, our friendships, our parenting, our LIFE! —-

please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something that I, katie, am responsible for or that I create, like some oprah!?!–it’s just what happens when people come together, and let their guard down and bullshit go–even for 45 minutes. it’s what happens when we take a step back,  away from the safety of our devices and computers, when we pull away from our opposite sides of the ring, and see that we’re all in this together….that’s what i love so much about grit cycle. it’s so NOT about riding a bike. #itsawething

so that’s a little of what i’m LOVING on this week.

let me know what you’re loving on too.

happy weekend my darlings, see you on the other side of sunday…




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