happy monday to you m’loves.

katie here, still floating from a mother’s day weekend gone good.

hunkiest gave me the gift of recess and reset: i luxuriated in a quiet, empty house on saturday morning, a sweat on saturday afternoon, i had time to finish my book {so good,} and pigged out with the family last night; i couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

adding to the cheer,  i was able to audition the newest product from glossier.

last week glossier released a much in demand sunblock.

glossier leads the industry in skincare and make-up; their masks, perfecting skin tint, and moisturizer are second to none. the quality and results of their products have made me a repeat customer and public gasbag for all things glossier.

 but it was making me crazy that they didn’t have a sunscreen product..what was the point of me covering, hydrating + soothing my skin if they weren’t providing me with protection for it?

apparently, and this is a lesson me and my two year, with the help of daniel tiger, are still learning, we have to have “p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e.

glossier has been painstakingly coming up with the perfect formulation that protects your skin not just from the sun, but also from pollution which is just as damaging {ie AGING} as the sun.

i am super excited about invisible shield.  it is a chemical sunblock with an SPF of 35. it’s a very light, gel-like formula; think watery, serum; like aloe vera gel.  i was constantly freaking out that i didn’t have enough on; kind of like when i use hylauronic acid, it feels like NOTHING!

let me just say that, so far, i haven’t had success with chemical sunscreens. chemical suncreens, as opposed to physical blocks,  modify UV rays into heat, which, for me, exacerbates my melasma. and typically my sensitive eyes water throughout the day.

i’ve only used invisible shield a couple of days now.

i’m a fan!

i was in a super hot, sweaty classroom this weekend and worried, for sure, my face would react “ruddy” to the chemicals and the heat: nope.

my eyes DO sting a bit when i put the sunscreen on, but in all fairness i practically put the stuff in my eyeballs when i apply, i’m so afraid of missing a spot under my eyes. the stinging abates within a few minutes.

i would recommend invisible shield to everyone, even sensitive skinned friends; especially those who have oily or are prone to breakouts.

but no matter what you do, please cover up with something my darlings!




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