tuesday tickles to you lovers.

katie here.

for today’s public service announcement i’m going straight to skincare…{surprise! surprise!}

around 2 years ago my, once exxon valdez oil’like  of a complexion, turned on me, and my face suddenly dehydrated into a saharan desert version of itself.

i know proper water consumption is important and i DO notice a giant difference when my water intake is up; but i’m not going to pretend i’m some goody-two shoes gwenyth who chugs down alkaline water all day long.

i LOATHE drinking water. it grosses me out. i do like sparkling mineral water, but the use of disposable plastic/glass/the waste/trash/what it does to our planet, etc makes me wanna barf even more…so i just stay bitter and parched instead.

as for skincare supplementation, luckily i DO have some products that provide the much-needed hydration my skin lacks.

during the day i use jordan samuel hydrate facial serum. this affordable hyaluronic acid is stabilized  with vitamin c and hexapeptides. extracts from  cucumber, tamarind, and passion flower are added to keep the skin dewy all day long. it’s a very deceiving product. it applies almost as if you’re not putting enough on, but all day long my skin stays and feels hydrated.

at night i cannot live without my rodan + fields active hydration serum. “clinically tested to raise skin’s hydration level by 200%,” i was hooked from night one. i plug this stuff right underneath my eyes near the crow’s-feet area, and it’s almost like a photo app effect of how lines are softened and smoothed. this is a game changer and it lasts FOREVER. i bought mine in the beginning of may and i’m just finishing the bottle now.

lastly, i love me a good mist for when the office air gets a bit too dry from the A/C. nothing beats josh rosebrook hydrating accelerator. i purchased this from our new non-toxic beauty supply store  ROOTS, here in orange country. skin is drenched in nutrient-rich aloe water for an instantaneous suffuse of hydration. {yes, i allowed everyone in the office to punch me after i made them take this photo these 67 photos of me.}

do you have a favorite hydrating serum or mist that you just absolutely love?

do share please.




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      thank you!!! lumion is a top-shelf favorite!!! must try.

  1. I can’t study/function without MV Rose Hydrating Mist and a mystical vile of peppermint oil.

    • admin Reply

      peppermint oil for your face!?!? really? i need to try that!!

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