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it’s officially fall {per the calendar} and we are in a new moon –a “happy” moon as my sutton calls him; so break out the cable knit and tweed, brew up the chai, and let’s cuddle.

oh wait, we’re in southern california and it’s still 600 degrees out.

fine, then go buy another goddamn bikini you skinny turd.

let’s get back to that new moon and the equinox. today is the autumnal equinox, which means we have an equal breadth of both day and night; the balance is perfect. this 24-hour cycle is in absolute harmony. these kinds of things make me silly happy, and i imbibe all the fruit punch-flavored crystal light, new age testimony ministered to me on it; especially if it’s indoctrinated to me by someone in a cute outfit and they smell good.

here is a great article by mind body green on the new moon and autumnal equinox.

KATIE’S NOTES version: at the equinox, there is a flood of new cosmic energy–USE IT! USE it WELL!

how do i make use of these stellar and seasonal changes?

#1: i stop wearing my summer-scented, jasmine perfumes–DUH! {super important.}

next, i inventory where i need to “up-level” my game: personal, professional, spiritual, etc.

for me this changes on a weekly/daily basis. the people i surround myself with {and love} force me and challenge me to grow up, face my ignorance or insensitivities, and or inspire me to live loftier. from being a better wife, friend, citizen, co-worker, teacher, and mother; to looking for bad habits i’ve fallen back into {eating an entire baguette of sourdough because i feel bloated}; my eyes, ears and heart are all on constant alert to learn.

i think it’s VITAL for us to GET OUT and see and hear one another. as we confine ourselves more and more behind our devices, where the algorithms ensure that we feel nice and cozy with the opinions, politics, and colors we prefer, where the data that pops up in our feed is a mirror of ourselves, designed to snuggle us in with “likes” and fear the “OTHER” side; it’s no wonder some of us can’t handle dissent these days.

so, for me, it’s a time where i’m going to try to stay more OPEN!

i’m going to try to listen–i’m going to try to not form my response when someone is still talking {i have a dirty habit of that.}—do you ever do that? stop listening because you’re already trying to form what you’re going to say?

what will you do with this BURST of cosmic energy?

that’s all i’ve got for now.




p.s. don’t worry. leigh didn’t read any of this…..we lost her at “new moon”….







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