happy national coffee day my buzzed up bunnies.

katie here, fantastically jacked up on my morning pot of steaming hot, liquid love; it’s not even 5 am and i’m ALL-THE-WAY-UP {!}, mood and energy-wise, excited to celebrate my 24-hour sidekick’s national day.

if you notice a certain pluck in the air, blame it on the caffeine. most likely we’re all wassailing on the free coffee being doled out around the country.

i mean puerto rico can’t get water…but let’s make sure WE get our free coffee! {sarcasm font}

here are all of the generous merchants across the nation giving away free coffee today…

in my neck of the woods there is no shortage of new, fancy, instagram-desirable coffee shops. i’ve been to at least ten different, new coffee “houses” in the last year that rival boutique hotel lobbies they’re so pretty. their coffee? blech. it tastes like the soap from the hotel bathroom, costs more than a presidential suite, and the attitude spewing from the baristas i can get, for free, from my two-year old.

nothing beats my local peet’s coffee—taste, vibe, and service.

i’m so loyal i won’t even give up my original “card” that i’ve been loading up since 2006. it’s like an artifact. sometimes when i pull it out to pay the older employees like to show it to the younger ones, like it’s {i’m} a dinosaur.

their gaia organic blend is my favorite blend. it’s one of their darkest, smokiest, strongest tasting coffees. peet’s typically has this on drip too, which is nice because most stores don’t do their organic on drip.

i will say their limited edition vine + walnut blend is surprisingly delicious. i typically don’t go for a medium roast, but this was a bit sweeter and nice to mix it up.

in honor of national coffee day, peet’s is giving a 25% discount on all of their beans and a free drip coffee or tea with purchase. if you can’t make it into the shop, use the promo code COFFEEDAY17


if you haven’t already caught on, i use humor, often in the form of mockery and cynicism, to deflect any sad feelings that invade my person.  i am, for the most part, bad at it.

puerto rico i hear you, i see you, i love you.

i have felt so helpless and don’t know what/where/who to give my help.

i DID give to this site…from a little investigating, it seemed ok–but, by now, you should know not to take my word for ANYTHING.

with that, i wish you a weekend of arms wide open my sweethearts! go glug some coffee and smooch someone you love!




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