friday happy to you readers!

katie here bringing you my favorite finds in the world of non-toxic living.

i have fallen, head-first, no pre-nup needed, don’t even need to meet your parents,  for native deodorant, a game-changer in the world of natural products that actually WORK!

calling itself the “deodorant that isn’t a chemistry experiment” native deodorant uses ingredients that are safe for the body, non-toxic, alluminum-free, and are not linked to any diseases like breast cancer + alzheimer’s.

available in nine different scents, both masculine and feminine oriented, including an unscented version, native deodorant has every taste covered. in the past i have had such trouble with “natural” deodorants;” i am allergic to baking soda, the key ingredient in most non-toxic deodorants. luckily for me, native makes a gorgeous cotton + lily scented sensitive skin {baking soda free} version that i ADORE!

after teaching a mid-day {ie warm} spin class, i had two fellow instructors, one a devout catholic, the other a venerating yogi, meaning if they were to lie, one would go to hell and the other would be forever banned from whole foods, attest that i was april fresh post-sweat session.

native REALLY does work.

our skin is our largest organ and so vulnerable when we sweat; the last thing we want to do is clog it up with dangerous chemicals.

go non-toxic; go native!

so far i’ve only been able to buy native online, directly from their website.

what are your favorite deodorants?




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      i can eat baking soda, but on my skin…oh dear!?!? ouch!! it’s a painful, burning, itching, angry mess! a lot of people are sensitive to baking soda; especially under their arms {shaving doesn’t help the situation.} that’s why i’ve had such a hard time finding a natural deodorant i like.

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