so we made it to our second post!
two for two people! we’re on a winning streak!
one of the blog parties we wanted to carry on was the GIRL CRUSH series, this is where we choose a majorly crushable girl and get her to spill all the goods on what makes her tick.

it was pretty unanimous who we wanted for our inaugural S.O.P. crush!
yes, you guessed right, the one and only, cassie piasecki!
she is everyone’s favorite {healthy} party girl, who’s giving the W.O.W. life to people all over the country with here unique and effective nutrition and fitness education.
cassie changes lives on a daily basis. whether she’s teaching a class at grit cycle, sculpting bodies through her grueling, but fun pilates sessions at villa pilates, or skypeing with a client on the east coast, cassie is always walking and living her wellness talk.
but foremost she is our friend. she has a heart of gold, she works harder than anyone else on the team, and will cheer the loudest at the same time.
we HAD to find out a little more about this radiant, KIND, empowering, beautiful girl.
here’s what cassie had to say:
what are your 5 bottom-of-the-jar products? 
1. Josie Maran Surreal Skin Balm – this is a recent fave for me. i use it on the days when I’m teaching.  i don’t like to wear “make up” while I teach, but I also want to look somewhat presentable.  This makes my skin look nice and it has a subtle highlight effect.

2. probiotics!
i rotate between Kimberly Snyder’s and Garden of Life.

3. Oribe Root Cover – because…..greys
as a pilates instructor, i’m barefoot most of the day and i’m a stickler for good feet. i go through multiples of these per month. BEST ever. i use it in the shower daily.
i started using the mist this past summer and fell in love. when i started using the serum, my skin got an instant “healthy glow.”
 who is your style icon and why?
i don’t have ONE icon…i have a zillion and they are all shown on this Pinterest board. you’ll see a common theme…the perfect pair of jeans with a slouchy yet perfect white tee-shirt and a cool shoe. i also love a good full skirt party dress.
fave Items:
summer – A marine blue Eres bikini
fall – a chocolate-brown Malia Mills bikini
winter – a black Malia Mills bikini
spring – a multi-colored Maaji bikini
what??? i love bikinis and since i live in southern california, we get opportunities to wear them in every season.

 finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

i can never leave the house without my cell phone.  i know.  i’m addicted.  it’s terrible.  actually, a few days ago, i was out with my husband, my daughter who is visiting from college back east, and my mom. i left my phone at home and stated, “everyone i worry about is with me. i can leave my phone at home.” that was a cool feeling.

 what is your favorite smell?

my favorite smell is the smell of oranges.

what are your vices?

 my vices are that damn cell phone and the occasional diet soda. a few years ago, i gave up a ton of vices.
in what historical era would you most like to have lived? And why?
I wouldn’t want to go back in time.  I can’t believe that I’m alive during this time!  Technology rocks my sock off.  The fact that I could be in my car, on the 405, and having a video Skype call with my daughter who was in Paris and in a taxi leaving the area of the attacks was so amazing.  I mean, my mom would have to sit in the kitchen and wait for that thing on the wall to ring.  I love the present very much.


what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

Well, that “wearing a bikini year round” thing is pretty awesome.  I love pop culture and a lot of it takes place in Southern California.  I adore a celebrity sighting more than anyone.  I also love that Southern California has its pulse on the hottest fitness trends.

what are your least favorite things about southern california?

Least fave…100% the traffic.  For 20 years, I’ve been getting my hair colored once a month in Beverly Hills.  Two months ago, after sitting in my car for two hours to get there and two hours to come home, I gave up.  One time, coming home from hair day with my French foreign exchange student, we got stuck in the worst traffic and arrived to the studio exactly 2 minutes before I had to teach a spin class.  That poor girl saw and heard things that I think scarred her for life.  I would scream an obscenity and then apologize profusely.

 what’s your favorite part about being a mom?
Watching this lovely young woman navigate life.  Some people never want their kids to leave.  I am so excited to watch her become an adult.  That’s what it’s about for me….parenting them so well that they flourish in the real world.  I raised someone who will be an asset to this world.  Best feeling ever!!!!!

what’s your least favorite part about being a mom?

Worrying.  You worry when they are traveling, sick, sad, heartbroken, stressed….you just want everything to go right for them.

what’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood? 

Most surprising part of being a mom was that I was able to be a nurse.  I hate it when people are sick!  I’m a germaphobe times 1000.  When she got sick, I stepped up to the plate and handled it.  I still look back and think how did you handle THAT?!

what was the last book you read and loved?

I need to make a list. I read so many and then forget how much I loved them. While not a novel, I just finished “Foodist” by Darya Rose. It is such a great reminder that we need to listen to our bodies, stop being so emotional with our eating, and to eat real, whole food.

what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

 You should go to college and get a degree.  Even if you change your career path later, you’ll have that foundation to build upon.  Learn about money.  Learn how to budget.  Learn to save.


what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like?

I’d love to go to NYC and do nothing but workout at all the best places and eat at all the trendy spots wearing really cute athleisure wear.  Do you know Hannah Bronfman?  I’ll be her for two weeks in NYC.
I’d go back to Paris for two weeks, stay in Saint Germain des Pres, go to hidden Pilates studios, run along the Seine, enjoy pastries, spend 30 minutes in a museum every day and go to a few nightly soirees.  Do you know Paris In Four Months‘ Carin?  I’ll be her.

family members excluded what is your most prized possession?

I love my home.  My house is peaceful and calm.  I work hard to make it this way.  My husband tends to our garden and polishes the brass around the house.  We take pride in our home.  Our puppies are playful.  I’m sitting here right now and all I can hear is the ticking of our mantle clock.  It’s very different from the rest of my day which is very “live out loud.”  I would give up the shoes, the cars, the material items to keep this lovely home.

what’s been the best advice you have personally ever received? 

One of my fave mentors is Gary Vaynerchuk.  He’s taught me to hustle my heart out.  When I hustle, it always works out.

the worst?
Oh…gosh…tons of bad advice from other mothers on the playground or in carpool line.
Here’s some advice on parenting…go with your gut and intuition.  You know what’s best for your family.

what would you say to women who feel guilty about not working out enough or not being more in shape?

It’s not about your shape.  I want you to workout so that you are a better mother, a better partner, less stressed, more creative, energetic, kinder behind the wheel, more productive and to feel empowered.  Find a way to move your body every day.  This doesn’t mean you have to kill it every day.  It might be a 30-minute walk with your kid to download the day, a yoga class, swimming, a YouTube video at the crack of dawn…make the commitment to just MOVE.  Take the pressure off of yourself that it has to be a 60-minute workout at the gym with a trainer.  It doesn’t.

what’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?

I love a hot shower at the end of the day.  I slather myself with some body oil, moisturize my feet, put on my jammies and come downstairs to plop on the couch.  Most nights we will meditate before turning on some really bad reality television.  I’m tucked in bed by 9 PM.

 in a world where travel was no limit, what would be your ideal food day?

My ideal food day is one that leaves me feeling amazing the rest of the day. I hate the feeling of being slowed down by a full belly of food. I’m also a ridiculous creature of habit and NOT at all adventurous when it comes to food. Even when I travel to France, I bring a lot of stuff with me.
It looks like this:
Breakfast: Quinoa hot cereal with wild blueberries, hemp and cinnamon in the cooler months and an avocado smoothie in the warmer months.
Snack: Two almond cocoa protein balls that I make at home
Lunch: I’m jamming on a brown rice wrap filled with hummus, cucumbers, and avocado
Afternoon snack: Nuts or almond butter on rice cakes
Dinner: Tofu, broccoli, and black rice stir fry.

Okay..fine…every night in Paris, I eat one of these ↑
we find YOU, miss CASSIE!, the sweetest confection in the candy case of girls.
thank you so much for stopping by “straight outta prozac” and baptizing our #girlcrush series.
for more information on cassie’s nutrition/radiant living/wow life program visit her website here.
 and to keep up with our cassie and her good vibin’, healthy adventures {she gives the BEST updates and posts} make sure you follow her on instagram at @SmartyCassie
we love’d your comments from our first post. keep em’ coming, we LOVE hearing from you!
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    Cassie kicks ass and so did this inaugural girl crush expose!

  2. Cindy Halford Reply

    Wow that’s going to be a tough act to follow …. love you to the moon and back @smartycassie xoxo

    • admin Reply

      she IS a tough act to follow miss cindy…we might have to retire “girl crush” after her…thanks for reading. love, katie

  3. Michelle Miller Reply

    Love the positive vibes from Cassie. She does love Paris…I see that in the last photo that she is in L’Organerie Museum in Parc Tuileries visit gate Van Gough Panoramic room.

  4. SUPERWOMAN!!! Love this ‘Girl Crush’ on this local SuperStar!!

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      from one girl crush to another!!! thanks super raq!!

  5. Gretchen Westgaard Reply

    Oh my goodness I love everything about you Cassie!! Such a real person and an absolute inspiration!! ❤❤❤

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    Perfect first Girl Crush! Cassie iinspires me daily and so beautiful inside and out xoxoxo.

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      you’re right up there with her miss kelli! we love you!

  7. Rhonda Herring Reply

    She forgot to mention she’s a life saver. She changed by life, which saved my life. You will not find anyone more dedicated to eating clean and exercising and living life to the max. I adore her.

    • admin Reply

      oh love to hear this rhonda!!! i’ve watched your transformation with cassie from afar and said before {publicly} you need to get in the magazines!! major love and respect for your dedication! love, katie

  8. Well… you picked MY girl crush. I totally XO Cassie. In addition to being a mentor (even though she is slightly younger than me) and ass kicker in the spin and pilates rooms, she is my FRIEND – and that makes me really happy. Thanks Leigh and Katie for featuring such an inspiring woman. You two aren’t half bad either!

    • admin Reply

      thank you miss lisa! that’s we love about cassie the most—she is all of those things, but she will drop it all and be a FRIEND first!!!

  9. Lala Santiago Reply

    Popped the S.O. P. woman crush cherry! Excellent pick!! Love you Cassie. xo

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      we concur….our cassie love runs deep lala….so does our love for you.

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