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we are back with one of our favorite series: girl boss!

today we are featuring one of orange county’s most megababes: tera stephens, owner to the new, happening salon, TReSs Apothecary in lido marina village. tera lives in HB with her photographer husband justin and their 3 kiddos griffin 19, hudson 11 and harper 8.  when they aren’t at their salon, they can be found hanging with friends, visiting new places, snowboarding, or wake surfing behind their boat in parker, az.

tera was gracious enough to stop by the blog to give us a glimpse into her busy, balanced, and beautiful life:

give us a rundown on your typical work day?

i’m up at 6am to squeeze in a 30 min ride on my peloton before I get the kiddos up and moving.  they get dressed and eat breakfast while i shower and my sweet hubby takes them to school. i’m in my office on mondays and fridays so I usually ride with my husband, we share an office in lido marina village near the salon.  tuesday through thursday i’m behind the chair, my favorite days!!

how do you balance between work and family?

it’s no small feat!  i have been focusing on really connecting {keeping my phone in my purse} with my family when i’m not at work.  as a fairly new salon owner there is always a text to respond to, a client to schedule or a report to analyze. when i have a lot going on i try to spend the couple of hours between dinner and bed time to unplug and give them my attention.  then I’m on my laptop in bed!!!

surprise! you get a day “off.” what do you want to do?

the best day off is spent having a lazy morning in with the family, making breakfast and hanging out with friends at our community pool, cold beers in the afternoon and a great dinner on the bbq!

what are your secrets do getting it “all” done?

it is truly never “all” done.  my to-do list is on my phone and just when it’s almost all crossed off i’m adding to it!

what is your must-have handbag?

i carry a grey goyard tote because i can fit my entire life in it!  i always look forward to downsizing into a clutch on the weekends and leaving real life behind! 

what is your shoe for the summer? 

it’s finally summer!!!  i’m a sandal girl, love pedro garcia and ancient greek sandals!

tell us about the biggest splurge you bought for yourself.

i love to shop so i haven’t save up for a big splurge in awhile… i will be visiting paris this july so ask me after that trip!!!

you get a date night, where are you going?

  my husband and I have mastered the art of spending time together and with a 19 year-old son we get to put him in charge and get out pretty frequently.  we love a great dinner, wine and our favorite nights out usually include best friends to keep it lively!

how did you get started in your industry? 

i was a 27 year old, single mom of a 2 year-old son and had been dabbling in community college an waitressing for 10 years.  i had a salon receptionist job at 19 and loved the salon environment.  with the love, support and encouragement of my now husband i finally committed to the year of cosmetology school and obtained my license.  it seems like it was just yesterday!

what was the catalyst for going out on your own and becoming your own boss? 

i did hair for 16 years in newport beach salons and realized as an independent contractor I wasn’t able to provide the experience i thought my clients deserved in the salons around me.  i knew that to have a pristine salon with the best talent around me, i had to do it myself!

what are your beauty product must haves? 

i’m obsessed with natural skin care so lumion and kypris are my go to.  for hair, i’m low maintenance.  i wash and condition with the kerastase chroma riche line, add in some soft curls by l’oreal techniart and air dry! 

what’s your go-to meal to feed your family?

we love to grill so normally grilled chicken or steak with a big salad and roasted veggies.

what keeps you inspired in your business?

  100% the team I have surrounded myself with!

how do you keep a healthy relationship with your partner with the kids, running a successful business, etc.?

we have very open communication and talk through everything.  i think we both put so much value on our partnership that we always give each other total respect and trust.  i think we’re a great team!!

you recently opened up in lido marina village; what’s it like to be in this new exciting space? 

it was a leap of faith for sure, we were the first to sign a lease here.  it has been a blast, we have made so many great friends and coming to work is always exciting!

what do you like most about being in the salon? 

i love the amazing energy in our salon.  the greatest compliment i receive is when clients tell me “it feels so good in here!”

what are your non-negotiables in the hair department?

i believe healthy hair is the prettiest hair so I am never willing to compromise the integrity of hair even if it means the client won’t get the exact color they want.

what are the hot hair trends for spring/summer? 

thankfully we are seeing a trend to natural texture which perfectly compliments sun kissed, balayaged highlights; also a big trend.  hair is care free, loose, soft and natural.

what cut or look do we need to STOP asking for?

DO NOT ASK ME FOR OMBRE!!!  let it go people!

thank you so much for sharing your time with us!


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  1. Awwwww, Tera! What a babe. She is the real deal. No games, no B.S. and gorgeous. ♥️♥️♥️

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