ok. so we took our spring break a bit early.

yeah, we’re still here; we’ve just been sucking on the blogging front.

between making playlists, no-showing to playdates, and the proliferation of frequency that katie needs to see her psychiatrist, life gets busy.

but we’re back! and we’re back with a facelift!?

you like?

you can thank paisley piasecki {daughter to our first girl crush cassie} for the website make-over. she’s a fantastic girl: a boston university undergrad {soon to be law student} by day and web designer extraordinaire by night–you all must hire her! she is in a realm of classy all of her own, and just barely legal to drink.

ok. so for today we are thrilled to bring you our newest series: GIRL BOSS!

we are introducing you to our most favorite {bad ass} boss girls around town and finding out how they make it all happen.

today we are 8-clapping {ucla joke} ourselves silly to bring you jessica palanjian rankin.

college chums from their days together at ucla {go bruins;} katie and jess met over twenty years ago pre-babies, pre-marriage, and pre-fine lines and wrinkles {for katie;} jess has lucious, milky un-ageing armenian skin {and we slightly hate her for it.} leigh and jess became fast friends from their days “tapping it up” at YAS.

jessica is a mother to two boys, james and william jr., wife to will sr., and vice president of grand prix performance, southern california’s only destination for tire and wheel supply and service.

grand prix performance is an orange county institution. the palanjian family has delivered an impeccable business since 1971, and jessica has worked tirelessly {even across the country when she lived in maryland for a few years} to see to it that her family’s tradition of service never falters.

jess was generous enough to give us a glimpse into how she juggles it all.

 Give us a rundown on your typical work day?

When I am not traveling for the occasional tire industry meeting or driving event, I can usually be found at my desk mid morning after I’ve spent the early morning home with my two little guys.  From there, I might have a meeting or two with one of our many vendors or I’ll spend some time on one of the new business development projects that we have in the pipeline.  One of my favorite things to do is visit with our awesome customers at the front of the shop.  Every day is different which keeps things interesting, but typically my day ends with me home for dinner, bath and bedtime with my boys.  I see my day as having bookends which are time (and maybe a dance party) with my husband and our two sons.

How do you find balance between work and family?

Balance?  What’s that?  Honestly though, being in a family business, I don’t know that there really is such a thing.  Growing up, Grand Prix Performance always felt like a member of our family to me and my brother.  I want that for my kids as well.  I love taking them to “Papa’s shop” on the weekends so they can soak in what it means to have a business- the time, the people and the hard work.  For me it’s more about making sure my priorities are in order rather than having balance.

Surprise! You get a day “off.” What do you want to do?

Road Trip!  Drive up or down the coast with my husband- we recently took a picnic to San Onofre which was pretty much perfect.  I’m hoping that we can start doing more overnight getaways now that our boys are getting a little older.  Or if the hubs is busy, meeting a girlfriend for a leisurely lunch is a favorite guilty pleasure.

Do you work because you “have” to or because you “want” to?

I work because I want to carry on my father’s legacy.  I work because I love the business and all of the people who are a part of it- it’s pretty nice to be able to see my Dad and my brother every day.  I want my boys to grow up with a strong work ethic and respect for trying hard and showing up.  I want them to understand that though they will always be my first priority, I also have important responsibilities and commitments outside of our immediate family.  I think you can accomplish this whether or not you work outside the home because let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a mother who doesn’t “work”.

What’s your secret to getting it all done?

Don’t tell anyone, but there is no secret because I DON’T get it all done.  I’ve decided that Instagram and Pinterest have ruined the world because they make everyone think that everyone else IS getting it all done.  What you don’t see is the real sh*t that happens in between all the pretty pictures- the melt downs, the messes, the sleepless nights or that one time when I ran into the Straight Outta Prozac gals at the Gratitude bar– BY MYSELF – because mommy needed a time out.  Most days I feel like my brain is in a blender- pretty sure that’s why people meditate but who has time for that??!  In all seriousness, the only way that I come close to getting ANY of it done is with A LOT of HELP.  My husband is my hero.  We have a wonderful nanny plus family and friends who all help keep the wheels from coming off the bus.

 What is our must-have handbag? Shoe?

I subscribe to the quality over quantity approach to fashion.  I have been fortunate to accumulate a nice mix of new and vintage handbags over the years.  My favorite brands are classics like Chanel and Celine.  As far as shoes go, please don’t make me pick just one!  I love mixing high and low and believe that if you have a good eye you can look put together and stylish without breaking the bank.

What is your biggest splurge that you bought for yourself?

That’s a tough one…I would say that I typically leave the splurging up to my husband who (lucky me!) happens to have excellent taste.

What is your favorite date night spot?

Here in town we are big fans of A Restaurant.  Can’t beat their charcuterie and cheese board washed down with some good vin rouge.

we are big fans of you miss jess! thank you dear friend for letting us pick your brain and publicly love on you. you are one bad-ass GIRLBOSS!

come back next week loves! we promise a new #girlcrush post and our #wronglyricwednesday will be back as well.

weekend happy to you!


leigh + katie


  1. I had been missing you gals! So glad you’re back in action! Don’t go MIA again, okay? 😉

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      awe…thanks so much marna…we’re happy to be back too. love, katie

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