happy monday darlings!

katie and my six chins here, freezing my face off in this new month, parked in front of my t.v.

what is it, like 75 degrees out!? it’s practically canada outside.

i sat around, all weekend-long, pleading with a tank-top and shorts clad hunkiest if we could turn the heater on in the house. outnumbered by warm-blooded family members, i lost the domestic thermostat battle and sulked for the rest of the weekend in thermals, wool socks, and a knit cap.

last saturday night, cheering my bruins on to a win against colorado, i did manage to stay warm in my new ucla cotton sweater from hillflint.

i love this brand.

as much as i love a trip back to ackerman union, the ucla store never really has anything i want to wear–cue my japanese -american princess voice—their merchandise  falls apart after one wash and has a more wet-t-shirt-contest- look that doesn’t really play well at nursery school drop-off.

hillflint realized this was a common complaint from most college alums and decided to make the college sweater “you always dreamed of.” inspired by vintage varsity knits and made with luxury cottons, hillflint creates sweaters from your school of choice to last a lifetime.

i purchased the ucla cotton sweater. they also make a school sweater in merino, a varsity stripe sweater, a retro stadium sweater, and a tailgaiting sweater. all are super cute and i think would make great christmas gifts.

hillflint also makes sweatshirts too.

careful of these sweaters though, they are prone to confiscation by tiny thieves.

have a great week friends and go bruins!



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