happy thursday lovers!

{katie here}

#goodisback! good is back according to my taste buds and according to unreal chocolates, a super natural, snack company started by two teenage brothers, kris {23} + nicky {20}, who are on a “mission to unjunk the world.

enter unreal chocolates and then let them “enter your BELLY!!!!”

these are fantastic.

i discovered these mouth parties in the checkout line at my local mothers market. the cashier properly warned me of their addictive nature, although i didn’t warn him of my propensity for binge eating.

three handfuls later and a stomach ache that’s lasted longer than my first marriage, i’m finally able to come up for air to tell you guys about these amazing chocolates.

i did my best termite impersonation with their version of the reese’s peanut butter cup; but without all the bullshit preservatives, fillers, and animal products.

my favorite is their dark chocolate peanut butter.

their crispy version {from quinoa} is pretty yummy too.

for all of you almond butter fanatics you will DIE, literally fall over and DIE a sweet, smooth, nutty death, from the almond dark chocolate version.

as you can see, all good stuff here: gluten-free, low-sugar, certified vegan, non-gmo verified, and most importantly they taste out-of-this world delicious.

beware though…..baby hands snatch these suckers up quick.

{side note: no chocolates were consumed by toddlers in the writing of this post}

 do NOT get me wrong, if you come to my house for halloween you will NOT be getting unreal chocolates for your “trick or treat”—puuuuuhhhhhhleEEEEAZZZZ!!!!!—-you’re still getting the same cancer-causing, grocery store shit i’ve been passing out for years; i’m not, all of a sudden, THAT MOM; you’re getting a baby ruth damn it {!} and you better be say “thank you” or i’m snatching that muthafucker back, i don’t care if you ARE 3 weeks old—it’s never too early to learn to people please.

BUT i do recommend this candy as a fantastic replacement if you have chocolate fans in the household.

wishing you a sweet thursday lovers…..

tell me your favorite halloween candy will you?




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