friday happy to you m’loves!

katie here!

i’m hoping to pick up on my “friday i’m in love” series i used to write on GNI; just little morsels of mirth i find throughout the week that inspire me, make me giggle, make me DANCE, or just move me to be less self-focused.

~all week long i’ve been jamming to “let’s get french” by coco mcqueen. it’s the perfect europop tune to put a little springtime pep in your step, drive time or work week. i’ve also added a couple songs to my “yes please” playlist on spotify.

~i’m obsessed with Ryan Murphy’s miniseries feud on F/X. it’s the story of the making of the movie “whatever happened to baby jane” starring Joan Crawford + Bette Davis {played by jessica lange and susan sarandon.} set in 1962 hollywood, every episode is candy for the eyes, ears and brain. i eat each episode up like a sugar-addicted 5-year old.

~i loved this interview with french it-woman ines de la fressange. this is a woman after my heart! she looks way more beautiful than most of the twerky, plastic-faced barbie dolls around town, and she’s years older. she also does not deny herself bread with butter! i just have never been able to do the carrot juice route; any carrot juice fans out there?

~a new beverage i HAVE been able to make an addiction is my afternoon “golden milk” ritual. although it sounds like a form of blackmail the russians have on me, it’s actually a rather ladylike, chaste and healthy practice i’ve added to my day. gaia’s tumeric golden milk has replaced my 3pm coffee pick-me-up. i just heat up almond milk and add 1 and a quarter tsp to a mug and mix…it’s like an bombay hot chocolate. golden milk is super delicious and packed with nutrients {tumeric, cardamon, black pepper;} tumeric has been argued to be the most powerful spice on the planet, even superior to some medications. lastly, i can’t believe i have to write these words, but here it is:

amanda walter, a fellow teacher, our friend, a mother, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

{fyi cancer you picked the wrong girl to fuck with.}

this is obviously a scary time for amanda and her family; she and her family are very private; they are all taking perfect care of her and she couldn’t be more supported and loved.

that being said, i know her friends, students, all of us in the community who have been so affected and touched by amanda’s light want to help and show OUR love + support too.

amanda’s friend gayle has set up a gofundme account just for that reason.

we love you amanda. you got this.

weekend happy to everyone! love hard, forgive BIG, and dance wild!



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