happy friday the 13th my loves!

katie here.

as you can see, i’m getting into the halloween “spirit” around the house. sutton has picked out, we’ve purchased, and she’s now refused to wear {2} halloween costumes already. we’ve decided she will be dressing up as a “vacillating, vexing, vixen” for halloween.

her new favorite thing is to {jammie-clad, with a “bubba” in her mouth} find my highest, most ridiculous heels and prance around the house, sutton kardashian west-style, pretending to ignore “all of the people” {???????} watching her.

here’s to hoping they open a sober-living home on my street———-FOR ME!

i do love my silly, wacky, imaginative girl….here are a few other things i am loving on too:

i’m about as out of date as the mayonnaise i still have in my fridge from a bridal shower i gave years ago {the bride is now on her second kid}—i still have never tried “avocado toast“—waiters and waitresses refuse to serve it to me, invoking their duty to uphold the avocado toast guidelines whereby only the super-beautiful, uber-cool, and in-the-know are allowed to order—they give me sliced tomatoes instead.

so you’ll believe me when i tell you i’m NOT a kombucha {did i even spell that right?} aficionado. again, it’s a treehouse of vanguards i don’t feel hip enough to climb, even though i know how amazingly healthy kombucha supposedly is for me.

but there i was, at my “night-club” aka trader joe’s, and they were sampling out their new holiday product -“cranberry, spiced-apple kombucha.” i LOVED it. a total tummy tamer, this kombucha is made from organic ginger juice and has the perfect blend of holiday spices to get you in the mood for shorter days and longer nights. i practically bought the store out of their stock…..come december i’ll be president of that goddamn avocado toast club.

mrs. meyers has released their limited edition “holiday scents”.  you can buy them off their website, amazon, or find them at target. plant-derived ingredients that actually work, and smell amazing, mrs. meyers products always withstand the test of time with me because of their quality and integrity. leaping bunny certified, they do not contain any chemicals or toxic ingredients dangerous to my family’s health. out of the holiday scent collection, i dig “iowa pine” and “apple cider” .

all spring and summer i live in my christy dawn dresses. i have several colors of the dawn dress and flounce around town, for both work and play, always feeling uber girly and appropriately dressed. i’m loving christy dawn’s new  basil dress in navy. it’s perfect for this colder weather without losing that anne of green gables feel i love.

these will be happening this weekend. this is another trader joe’s offering bringing us all closer and closer to a diabetic epidemic.

and while we’re on the subject of sweet….check out this post on outrageous ice cream toppings! —

better yet, leave a comment with your favorite ice cream toppings…and maybe i’ll make leigh try them–but they have to be something you REALLY have tried and love! none of this “oooh i love comet kitchen sink cleaner on my mint chip.“–just to get us to eat it. although, we might make eric try it.

speaking of the big guy—it’s eric’s big FOUR-OH  next wednesday, and if he hasn’t already let you know {insert eye roll} we’re celebrating him at grit cycle.  next wednesday {october 18th} at 8:15am—eric’s birthday RIDE!!!–taught by leigh. it WILL be a spectacle. come and ride with us!!!

so that’s all i’ve got…..go step on a crack, french kiss a black cat, and fix your lip liner in a broken mirror—happy friday the 13th freaks!



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