surf’s up campers! katie here catching a wave to say “hello” before i sign off for the weekend.

hunkiest has given me the gift of an empty house.

he and sutton flew up to visit his parents, leaving me a cavernous, squeaky clean, quiet house.

i’m currently in bed making snow angels with my arms and legs, in ecstasy.

i love my family, but i LOVE to sleep, i love to read, and i LOVE my alone time…..i’m getting ALL of it this weekend.

here are a few other things i’m loving:

 i think i need to have this silk bow from shopbop.

around christmas time my sutton grew 4 strands of hair; just enough for me to attach a ribbon.

she would have NOTHING to do with it.

i tied one in my hair in an effort she might want to “be like mommy.

she asked for a tattoo and vape instead.

well the bow stuck with me, and i’ve been wearing a ribbon in my hair because i think, at my age, looking “childish” is just as good as “looking youthful.

if you’re in the orange county area this weekend check out the new tory burch sport pop-up shop at south coast plaza. this event will support childhelp, the leading champions in ending, preventing, and aiding those affected by child abuse. 

i started this last night, so my summer reads have officially begun.

it’s a pretty fluffy read, and i’m already hating with myself for buying it. i think the slim aaron’s-like cover sold me most. but i’m a sucker for anything martha’s vineyard’sy, east coast, family drama’ish. this one fits all bills.

i finished this yesterday; meh.

it started out great, but then wrapped up too fast. again, i think i was swept up by the comely cover. i will say, i enjoyed the irish catholic themes. if you grew up in an irish catholic family you might like this book; it’s heavy with catholic guilt, irish nuns, and the hypocrisy of the catholic church.

i still wish is would have gone a bit deeper.

commonwealth wasn’t bad; i finished this last week. i gave it 4 stars on goodreads. it’s a good dysfunctional family drama, and it thoroughly takes you through 5 decades without feeling “long”..

.—and i JUST now {literally as i was editing} understand the cover of this book!!!–{WOW}–anyone else read the book and figure it out too….now i like it even more….no spoilers though, please.

speaking of books, i am OBSESSED with this  website. it makes me want to go back to reading real books and ditching my kindle. {unfortunately i only read in the middle of the night}

sia does it again.

her new song “free me” brings me to my knees and guts me wide open.

free me” will be making many appearances in the saddle room….you’ve been warned.

 and did you hear taylor swift is back on spotify? color me happy and gimme some blank space!

 ice cube is BACK too! his newest “good cop, bad cop” is nuts! it’s raw, it’s explicit and packs a punch. i LOVE it.

i leave you with a public service announcement.

this one goes in two opposite directions, you may take it as a warning or a  recommendation.

none of my pants fit.

none. they are too tight and uncomfortable.


 i have discovered trader joe’s almond butter “granola.

let’s just set the record straight for once and for all–99% of “granola” is basically sugar, fat, and crap; “granola” is just a pretty name to call a crumbled oatmeal cookie, or disheveled dessert. unless you make it yourself or you actually see the ingredients are low in sugar, fat and crap–stop with the “oh i just had a little granola for breakfast/as a snack, i don’t understand why i’m gaining weight” —statement.

having said THAT–i own up that granola is a treat, i handle it as dessert {typically}, and we rarely have it in the house. but damn you trader joe’s and your fucking samples!!!

this almond butter granola is CRACK! move over opiods there’s a new sheriff/epidemic in town. we are on our seventh bag, and it’s either new clothes for katie or mommy shops at ralph’s for the next month.

if, unlike me, you can put the spoon down when you’re full, i recommend you grab a bag and swap this weekend’s brownie out for a bowl.

but if you, too, know every word of geneen roth’s “when food is love” then maybe skip the cereal aisle next time you’re at TJ’s.

ok loves, gotta go. i have a quiet house and bag of granola make out with.

have a beautiful weekend.







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      it’s a big problem!! even if i put it in your little bags like you suggest…i’ll just go eat all of the little bags i made.

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