happy memorial day weekend to you lovers, katie here.

  as symbolized by the uptick in beach cruiser traffic, sandy feet at the supermarket, and the waft of coconut oil and zinc oxide in the peet’s coffee line, summer has begun in southern california; so bring out the white pants and brush up on your peach cobbler recipe.

no season swings in and out-of-town faster, so i’m trying to savor each silly second i can. it’s crazy to think i only have 16 more summers left with my little person “home” with us; already i’m getting piggish for her time. she did MAJOR swim bootcamp last week, and although the first 6 days felt like i was watching the last scene of the titanic, by the end of the program sutton was michael phelps’ing her way across the pool. we are so excited to swim all summer long.

here are a few other items i’m summer lovin’ on:

i snagged these turkish towels at target this week. i don’t see my exact ones online though; i found mine at their costa mesa store for $12.99 each,  but online i can only find these–similar, but not the same, and more expensive. i will say my new towels aren’t super absorbent or luxurious feeling, but damn it if they are not pretty, right?

 from now until october, beach days from the good home co. is our go-to scent for the house. i mostly just use this spray on our linens; typically just a spritz when i make the bed in the morning and when i fold the laundry. with the little person i don’t really use candles as much anymore, but they make a beautiful candle and dryer sheets. these products are all toxin and cruelty-free and it really does make your home smell like the beach.

if you happen to be carpooling with me, then you are definitely “shaggin‘”!

this wednesday siruis radio,  for a limited time {i’m hoping for the entire summer,} changed channel 13 to “carolina shag” and i am LOVING it. think vintage R&B, like otis redding, the drifters, the showmen, etc.

15 minutes of listening and soon, you too, will be in madras shorts, poodle skirts, jonesing for a jukebox bar and sundown dance competition.

this music just puts you silly goose happy, gets you in the mood for summer, and, in our case, causes you to dance your faces off; we love it so much we’re listening to it at home now on a playlist i made on spotify–follow along if you like, just be prepared to have jubilation in your life.

so that’s all for me.

to all past and present, u.s. men and women in uniform-my family and i are so deeply grateful for your service.



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