happy good friday to you dear hearts.

katie here, coming to you from the kitchen.

i like to come here at least once a week to feel maidenly.

i don’t cook.

i love to talk about cooking, i love to read about cooking, i love to eat other people’s cooking, i watch hours and hours of cooking shows, and my stockpile of cookbooks rivals barnes + noble, but when it comes down to the actual execution of cuisine preparation, pass the string cheese.

i DO like to bake. i like to bake for other people. i find that baking for others is a completely different branch of government.

apparently there are actual psychological benefits from baking for others—-{this girl will take ALL the help she can get.}

  i don’t necessarily believe i’m delving into altruism with my key limes pies, but i think it’s also my introverted way of loving on people without the “hanging out,” 3-course-meal, and instagram story to prove my adoration.

here are a few other items i’m adoring:

i am gobbling up my new leila lou perfume oil from rosie jane. leila lou IS springtime in a bottle. it is fresh, clean and not too sweet. its top notes include nectarine + fresh-cut grass; middle notes are pear blossom + jasmine; base notes: vanilla + cotton musk—–FYI i have no idea what any of that means, but they always get me at: “fresh cut grass”—–even though an actual, freshly mowed lawn smells like rotten dirt.

made in small batches from organic essential oils, rosie jane products are cruelty free and their paper packaging is 100% recyclable, made with 100% wind power, and vegetable based inks; and to encourage recycling they will send a new roll-on bottle of their best-selling fragrance when you send in {4} empty rosie jane containers.

i purchased mine at bardot right here in the OC. if you’re an orange county local or visiting so-cal, you must pay a visit to this beautiful boutique.

in addition to all of the rosie jane fragrances,  dana {the gorgeous and super sweet owner} also stocks some of the best finds in fashion, gifts and skincare. i was able to score some MDS STRIPES for the first time in the OC. dana also offers herbivore botanicals–an absolute favorite of mine {and an upcoming post.}—even better you can get a susiecakes after you shop {they’re right next door.}

ok remember a couple of weeks ago when i said i was stuck in a reading rut? when i didn’t want to learn or feel anything? well, i’ve emerged from my dense, imbecilic, privileged bunker. i started reading ngozi adichie’s best-selling novel americanah, and my faith is restored in {myself} and in the written word.

i do love a nice ass-whooping, and boy is this the book to do it. funny, sweet, heart-breaking, and inspiring, americanah is a love story, a coming of age-book, and social commentary on identity. because of the questions it asks on race, and conversations it provokes, i wish this would become required reading in schools; especially such a vital book for our teenagers to read so they recognize what a gift it is to live in this amazing country of ours, where choice is such wealth–it just might be a little “mature.”

i’m still in the thick of it, but what this book has ignited in me is that just because i feel love and compassion in my heart, doesn’t let me off the hook for being an ignorant and witless citizen.

what are you reading? any recommendations for when i finish?

so i’m in love with my landline phone. it has a super long cord and i walk around the room {typically talking to the time lady or leigh} pretending i’m gidget.

do you even remember what is sounds like to talk/listen on a phone with a cord? heaven!

this purchase {from ebay} is all a part of my blanket attempt to get off my phone. it’s working.

i bookmarked this article on breaking up with your phone and have come back to it a couple of times this week; still trying to figure out the folder issue, but i am doing the rubber band trick.

i’m really digging the avo cocoa skin food mask by andalou naturals. cruelty free, eco-friendly, vegetarian and vegan, fair-trade, gluten-free, natural, organic, with non-GMO project verified ingredients, andalou naturals is one of the leading beauty innovators in stem cell science.

resveratrol, CoQ10,  apple and grape fruit stem cells, and avocado oil are the heavy hitters in this moisturizing and nourishing mask. the cocoa gives it a super buttery and chocolately fragrance and look {!!}. it’s perfect right before going out—it makes my skin super soft—just make sure you wash it completely off or it looks like you made out with a susiecake.

you can buy it on amazon, at locally at mother’s market or directly from andalou naturals.

so why exactly am i in the kitchen?

sutton’s nursery school is having an easter party and mommy’s in charge of cookies.

this recipe has “toddler sugar high” written all over it!

 i have already been to three stores looking for sno-caps. the whole recipe kind of sounds disgusting, but i have a theory that if you put rainbow sprinkles on ANYTHING it miraculously becomes not only edible, but a treat.

what is everyone up to for easter? i’m teaching so we’re lying low and napping HARD.

wishing you a week of rainbow sprinkles.

happy easter!




  1. Oscar Wao, Everybody’s Fool (or Nobody’s Fool, if you haven’t read it), A Brief History of Seven Killings, Tsar of Love and Techno, City of Bohane, Consider the Lobster, Doubter’s Almanac

  2. That perfume oil reminds me of the one you gifted me a couple years ago. I still wear it and one sniff transports me to sunny Newport Beach. 🙂

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