friday happy to you kittens!

katie here {on zero sleep!–my toddler has discovered nightmares} with a few of my favorite finds this week:

~i lose my keys at least twice a day. i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve also left my car on, gone to teach a class, and come back with the effer still turned on {i swear it’s a ghost and not a prius.} somehow i’m convinced these high-minded looking sparrows will make me more responsible with my car keys.

{{{{{and my next new business plan is to run a valet for grit cycle. —-stop with looks GRITTIES!—you KNOW you’d use it in a pinch!}}}}}

~any other vegetarians out there? this article on 19 meals every vegetarian has suffered through made me laugh. and yes, i am queen of the bread basket. i know all of the best bread baskets in town {try and say that seven-times fast;} mastro’s ocean club–duh? “come to mommy pretzel bread“…but then you’re at mastro’s—barf.

what’s your go-to vegetarian order when there’s nothing “vegetarian” to order? mine is typically french fries.

{fyi, judgers don’t get to share.}

~head’s up: i will be playing this from now until october…yes, the explicit version. you’ve been warned. and you’re welcome.

~ as far as books, i pretty much only read trash as of late; i’m convinced the new release by amy engel, roanoke girls, is just a re-worked, modern-day version of flowers in the attic–but i still, nevertheless, shamefully devoured it one sitting, tuesday night, like a strawberry milkshake i wasn’t supposed to have. the only time i read is when i can’t sleep, so i don’t want to get into something too compelling. and or meaningful so that it keeps me even more awake, ruminating on whether the cricket stuck in the hallway finds our climate hospitable enough? i did give “the dry” by jane harper four stars; a who-dunnit set in australia, i can see this being made into a movie–still nothing i’d admit to reading at the next “PhD’s who crossword puzzle” mixer i’m guested at—{yes, dangling participle, i see you too!–fuck off.}

what are you reading? i’m ready to start my summer reads, now. i need a good “let the great world spin” or “last summer of the camperdowns” please.

~i love this brightening overnight mask! it REALLY works! i bought the small travel size, and was able to get two nights out of it. i LOVE freeman beauty. it’s inexpensive {my mask was less than $3,} it works, and all of their products are cruelty free!

~the most incredible group of women/friends in our community recently took a trip to tanzania where they brought donations, in the form of monetary, school supplies, medical needs, diapers, and baby blankets; all to the gorgeous and brilliant children of the kilimanjaro region of africa.

 most importantly, they brought us the faces and voices of children; these innocent souls born into a poverty incomprehensible to you and i; yet what i see in this video, and what my friend alexis conveyed to me about her trip, was the bare-faced, explicit “joy” radiating out of these children. these beautiful babies who have no idea what an ipad or apple watch is; and couldn’t care less!

alexis’ words: “WE’RE DOING IT WRONG” {in regards to the western rearing of children–the proliferation of entitled, spoiled, disobedient, disrespectful, and often unhappy kids we see in the community} have stuck with me every day; sometimes hourly, as i try to raise my little person with gratitude, resilience, and heedfulness—–meanwhile, my almost two-year-old just shoe-horned a frozen, organic, non-gmo, gulf-of maine-grown blueberry so high up her nose i can see it in her forehead—because it was more important that i was on my computer writing this post, than supervise her breakfast. #mommyoftheyear

if you’d like more information or would like to donate to these children, please visit HERE.

so much love to you all….here’s to doing it RIGHT!




  1. French fries are my go-to, too. I’ve been at business lunches and just ordered a plate of fries. I’m not even sorry about it.

    Love the return of FIIN to my life!

    • admin Reply

      right!?!? nothing wrong…and you know they’re all secretly thinking you’re a bad-ass….love you ari!

  2. French fries is my “go to” item, too!
    Before I gave up the G word….the bread basket at Le Pain Quotidien was my thang. Jack would order a complete meal and I’d look up and say, “I’ll have the bread basket.” OMG…so delish!!!!!
    Nightmares??? I’m so sorry!

    • admin Reply

      le pain quotidien has a bread basket!?!?! WUT!>!>!—-yes, the nightmares are awful…what could she possibly have nightmares about!!? elmo?

  3. This was amazing. Not sure where to begin, so I’ll just say Thanks for making this single momma of 3 under 5 smile and laugh on a Friday night. 👍💚

  4. you have a gift…such a good read! definitely trying that freeman mask! i need some illumination in my life other than an IG filter and tool bar. oh and the grit valet— brilliant!

    • admin Reply

      hahhahahahaha!!!i rely soley on instagram for most of my makeup and skincare “effects”—but the freeman mask IS good. thanks ginnie!

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