happy wednesday kittens, katie here, talking beauty, small-business, and rolling-blackouts.

it’s like a billion degrees here in southern california. yesterday you could deep-fry your thanksgiving turkey in the neighborhood swimming pool it was so scorching. mindful and considerate  {insert sarcasm font} southern california, responded to the heat wave by cranking up their industrial strength A/C units, running their dishwashers all day long and washing loads of laundry—thus resulting in rolling blackouts across the county.

sutton and i got all colonial with our candle collection {which only added to the greenhouse effect} waiting for the power to go out…..luckily for us though, our side of the street remained galvanized and our ceiling fans worked overtime all night long.

if there’s any terrority i’m especially more prioritized with in my war against fine lines and wrinkles, it’s my seditious and often ungovernable undereye territories. albeit well provided for, with various tinctures, creams, retinoids, lasers, and yes the occasional needle, my southern orbital pockets lay bare my years of a life laughed HARD.

enter marie veronique’s eye repair serum. enriched with vitamin c, tea extracts, and collagen, this serum fights aging processes at the cellular level. i noticed a tightening effect immediately without any stinging or sticky residue. there is a definite VISIBLE difference for me from using this serum.

the eye repair serum was my favorite of the three products i tried from marie veronique; although all were fantastic products.

my second favorite {she barely lost the final rose} is the vitamin c + e ferulic serum. i have been searching high and low to replace my once holy grail skinceuticals c + e serum. marie veronique’s vitamin c + e ferulic serum is the closest product i’ve found to mimic skinceuticals’ brightening and anti-oxidant protection.

the next product of hers is like is marie veronique’s protective day oil. high in a special type of omega 3 which prevents premature aging, this luxurious formula is made from camellia seed, borage, jojoba and highly healing chia seed oil. a little goes a LONG way with this potion; it’s a heavier oil than i’m used to so i use sparingly and definitely not every day.

i purchased all of these products at ayla beautyayla beauty supplies me with most of my online skincare, they are a studio located in san francisco {i’ve never actually visited them;} but they are truly personal and dedicated to their customer. you can order sample sizes of most their products and they always load up my order with a ton of samples according to my bitching needs….although there isn’t a website yet, knockout beauty in new york offers the same type of bespoke experience too. i highly encourage you to support independently-owned businesses.

that’s all i have for today—my fellow so-cal friends, how are you staying cool?



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