for the bulk of my life i didn’t want to be a mom.

the maternal gene never made an appearance during various years of playing house, fantasizing with friends about baby names, or foreshadowing futures with new boyfriends.

this all changed when i became friends with mrs. burns.

i was pretty much off the fence of having children, but linda was convinced i was meant for sleepless nights, public restroom tantrums, and double recurrences of hand-foot and mouth disease.

every tuesday and thursday morning in pilates, linda would recall her cameron crowe, melt-your-heart anecdotes with her twins, cameron and connor, and my frigid, icy soul would semi-warm over.

but one day, she nailed me. knowing my love of reading,  she explained to me, “katie, parenthood is like reading the best book of your life, with each chapter better than the next, where you never want the book to end…….and it doesn’t!” ——next thing you know, i’m knocked up.

linda is a wise woman. she is wicked smart. she educates herself voraciously. she is always reading, learning, and seeking to better herself and her family. she works tirelessly for childhelp to end the horrible plague of child abuse in this country, and at the local level she is in the homes with these kids seeing over their day to day care. i am always inspired by her willingness to elevate herself and the people around her.

on sunday night, linda and her husband, jay, hid behind a metal, electrical box, as gunfire rained down on them and 22,000 other exquisite human beings in las vegas.

they were not hurt {physically}-they are incredibly tough. linda says they are doing “better every day” and “can’t believe all of the luck on our side.” she has “lots of questions about the “why” of it all for which there are no answers…….no way for it to make any sense…”

i don’t have any answers either. i just know we’re doing “it” wrong.

this ISN’T a political post–that’s the last place i want to go. and if you judge me for not going to a political place maybe think about that—-is judging me doing YOU any good? is it making your world any better?

during tragedies like this {i feel like i’m still mourning orlando though} i feel like i need to take some responsibility. we are all connected.

i know for myself, i need to be better at how i react to what i disagree with….i may not agree with you, but i can CHOOSE how i react to you.  kindness and compassion is so much better for my complexion than judgement, ridicule, and scorn {it costs me less in botox too.}

what can you do better?

choosing love,




  1. Amanda Petersen Reply

    LOVE this and LOVE the parenthood analogy, so perfect. Miss you Katie! <3

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