wrong lyric wednesday


wrong lyric wednesday: madonna’s “vogue”

we’re back from our spring break and almost recovered from a week of beer bonging and body shots. j/k. we’ve just been up to our eyeballs in mygym classes and googling the answers to 3rd grade math questions. #momming

this week we took it way back to 1990, one of our favorite decades, and not just because katie gets to pull out her mother of pearl choker and rock her best brenda walsh.  wearing our favorite menswear- inspired suit {or sweats and sportsbra. whatevs,} we’re vogue-ing down the aisles of the grocery store to bring you our 4th installment of wrong lyric wednesday.

i mean, who doesn’t know the word’s to madonna’s vogue!? um, apparently leigh. and while singing about hair and teeth seemed so apropos for the material girl, come to find out she was, per usual, way off.

wrong lyric wednesday: sia’s “alive”

so, we’re back, and it’s wrong-lyric wednesday darlings. today we’re bringing you the soul-stirring, tear-inducing, we-really-should-be-doing-something-better-with-our-lives-than-writing-this-stupid-blog—ballad:  “alive” by sia. we take this gorgeous, life-affirming, man-in-the-mirror, go-make-a-change-style anthem and basically let katie’s dog, jones, use it as a litter box. jones ↑. he’s a BIG dog. and that would be a big litter box. and while we’re on the subject of “waste”…our apologies in advance. eric. you’ll see. we just don’t have the budget yet for a proper camera man and katie hasn’t figured out how to use the “white out” function on her camera; in consequence, you, dear readers, have to suffer…eric beach quite literally IS the man in the mirror. so without further delay, here is our version of sia’s “alive”: i have to say, i’m still partial to our interpretation. wouldn’t you like a nice, comfy, cozy blanket of “ambien” rather than wearing a cold, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, non-elastic waistband of…