wrong lyric wednesday


wrong lyric wednesday: “work it” missy elliot style

wednesday wickedness to you fairy princes + princessess!

we’re back, decimating more music for you, one lyric at a time.

today we’re bringing you missy elliott’s legendary, “badonkadonk” popularizing, drop-it-down-to-tha-flo anthem:  work it.

this 2002 hip hop ode to female, bad-assery is must for any proper dance party.

also a spin class favorite it wasn’t until recent news, exposing the true lyrics,  that katie realized she’d been singing them wrong for the last fourteen years.

quel surprise?

wrong lyric wednesday: “turbulence”

wednesday happy to you silly rabbits.

we’re back with a new rendition of wrong lyric wednesday, where we expose our sweeping ineptitude for music comprehension.

today we’re getting rather highbrow with our song selection; so throw those pinkies up in the air and pop that collar, because it doesn’t get more elegant than lil jon:

specifically lil jon with steve aoki + laidback luke, and their haunting and transcendent classic:  “turbulence“.

katie is pleading guilty for today’s lyrical impropriety; “turbulence” has been a frequent gentleman caller on her playlists for years; but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, as she tried to pump her students up into their first of two final sprints and was only met with untrusting faces, that she considered, maybe, she was singing the wrong words.

we break it down: