GET UnReal

happy thursday lovers! {katie here} #goodisback! good is back according to my taste buds and according to unreal chocolates, a super natural, snack company started by two teenage brothers, kris {23} + nicky {20}, who are on a “mission to unjunk the world.” enter unreal chocolates and then let them “enter your BELLY!!!!” these are fantastic. i discovered these mouth parties in the checkout line at my local mothers market. the cashier properly warned me of their addictive nature, although i didn’t warn him of my propensity for binge eating. three handfuls later and a stomach ache that’s lasted longer than my first marriage, i’m finally able to come up for air to tell you guys about these amazing chocolates. i did my best termite impersonation with their version of the reese’s peanut butter cup; but without all the bullshit preservatives, fillers, and animal products. my favorite is their dark…

living the mug-life with four sigmatic.

wednesday happy to you m’loves….katie here, still tripping on her adaptogens. it’s true, i have fallen, jefferson airplane deep, into the rabbit hole of medicinal mushroom love; watch out readers, next thing you know i’ll be wearing a flower crown and following Phish around for the summer. for the past month or so, i’ve been drinking four sigmatic mushroom products. four sigmatic is a line of drinkable mushroom elixirs receiving nick jonas-level worship in the wellness community. now i’m not about to throw my ten dollar bra-lette down the supplement aisle in ecstasy and adoration; but i WILL fork over two bucks to see what the fuss is about. i have tried 5 different versions of the marvelous mushroom as offered from four sigmatic:  lion’s mane for mental clarity, chaga for anti-oxidant supply and immune support, mushroom coffee, which has a blend of organic 100% arabica, mycotoxin-free coffee with organic lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms;…