living the mug-life with four sigmatic.

wednesday happy to you m’loves….katie here, still tripping on her adaptogens. it’s true, i have fallen, jefferson airplane deep, into the rabbit hole of medicinal mushroom love; watch out readers, next thing you know i’ll be wearing a flower crown and following Phish around for the summer. for the past month or so, i’ve been drinking four sigmatic mushroom products. four sigmatic is a line of drinkable mushroom elixirs receiving nick jonas-level worship in the wellness community. now i’m not about to throw my ten dollar bra-lette down the supplement aisle in ecstasy and adoration; but i WILL fork over two bucks to see what the fuss is about. i have tried 5 different versions of the marvelous mushroom as offered from four sigmatic:  lion’s mane for mental clarity, chaga for anti-oxidant supply and immune support, mushroom coffee, which has a blend of organic 100% arabica, mycotoxin-free coffee with organic lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms;…

my magical mushroom ride….

katie, here. if you know me, my wild days of magic mushrooms consist of a portobello sandwich and maybe an illegal white truffle, once, “in college”. therefore i’ve been rather hesitant to jump on the popular medicinal mushroom train of late; whereby i’m promised increased energy levels, a free-radical defense system equivalent to fort knox, and heightened immune protection. but dangle the prophecy of “anti-aging” in my starting-to-sag face and i’ll buy anything in bulk! hence my recent purchase of sun potion’s cordyceps. so what exactly are cordyceps? technically they are a fungus {stay with me} —but the good, free-radical fighting, germ-busting, longevity-furthering kind. cordyceps act as adaptogens–a buzz-word in the wellness world these days. adaptopgens facilitate physiological processes, aka allowing the body to adapt—they’re like precise, little concierges for all the little events that need to take place in our body.  i “take” my cordyceps in my coffee of course.…