i’ve got an oil for that…….

happy monday dearhearts. katie here, coming in HARD from a weekend of patching with pumpkins and eating my weight in cheddar cheese…..{WHAT!?!-i had a craving!!,} i’m back to the shimmy and shake as we wind down october; although in the last 24 hours the weather has felt like both january AND july. mr. wind {as sutton calls it} swept through so-cal, turning my already lizard-like skin into parchment paper; cobblers and craftsmen from all over are offering me mad cash for my face and hands so they can create their next IT handbag  and  loafer. luckily i’m able to stave trappers off with my newest find: AHAVA’s dry oil mist. i am a bit of an oil snob. typically they’re TOO oily, too sticky, too aromatic {i like to wear them when i teach–so i can’t wear anything heavily perfumed,} OR they have too much going on in them {ie ingredients}…

friday i’m in love….

 happy friday the 13th my loves! katie here. as you can see, i’m getting into the halloween “spirit” around the house. sutton has picked out, we’ve purchased, and she’s now refused to wear {2} halloween costumes already. we’ve decided she will be dressing up as a “vacillating, vexing, vixen” for halloween. her new favorite thing is to {jammie-clad, with a “bubba” in her mouth} find my highest, most ridiculous heels and prance around the house, sutton kardashian west-style, pretending to ignore “all of the people” {???????} watching her. here’s to hoping they open a sober-living home on my street———-FOR ME! i do love my silly, wacky, imaginative girl….here are a few other things i am loving on too: i’m about as out of date as the mayonnaise i still have in my fridge from a bridal shower i gave years ago {the bride is now on her second kid}—i…