happy friday and happy equinox

{katie here} it’s officially fall {per the calendar} and we are in a new moon –a “happy” moon as my sutton calls him; so break out the cable knit and tweed, brew up the chai, and let’s cuddle. oh wait, we’re in southern california and it’s still 600 degrees out. fine, then go buy another goddamn bikini you skinny turd. let’s get back to that new moon and the equinox. today is the autumnal equinox, which means we have an equal breadth of both day and night; the balance is perfect. this 24-hour cycle is in absolute harmony. these kinds of things make me silly happy, and i imbibe all the fruit punch-flavored crystal light, new age testimony ministered to me on it; especially if it’s indoctrinated to me by someone in a cute outfit and they smell good. here is a great article by mind body green on the…

i’m back..{fully prozac’d}

monday finger-lickin’ lovely to you kittens. katie here. after an extended period summering in my coastal nantucket clapboard, imprisoned in my house of horrors knowns as raising my toddler; i am elated to be back on the blog, retching forth my torrid ideologies and my {often un-researched and un-asked for} opinions, whereby i raise my fist at what i believe to be wrong, and i norma rae my heart out for what i believe is right; hopefully offering a solution to the problems that plague us all, that keep us sleepless at night and supine on our therapist’s couch. chiefly: who makes the best eye cream and where should you buy it? last week my girl, my one, my priscilla, she took her last ride on this earthly disco ball, and i had to say goodbye to her after eight years of unadulterated jublilance. from the second we rescued this pitiful-looking, mangy, bloated, naughty…