friday i’m in love….

 happy friday the 13th my loves! katie here. as you can see, i’m getting into the halloween “spirit” around the house. sutton has picked out, we’ve purchased, and she’s now refused to wear {2} halloween costumes already. we’ve decided she will be dressing up as a “vacillating, vexing, vixen” for halloween. her new favorite thing is to {jammie-clad, with a “bubba” in her mouth} find my highest, most ridiculous heels and prance around the house, sutton kardashian west-style, pretending to ignore “all of the people” {???????} watching her. here’s to hoping they open a sober-living home on my street———-FOR ME! i do love my silly, wacky, imaginative girl….here are a few other things i am loving on too: i’m about as out of date as the mayonnaise i still have in my fridge from a bridal shower i gave years ago {the bride is now on her second kid}—i…

happy coffee day

happy national coffee day my buzzed up bunnies. katie here, fantastically jacked up on my morning pot of steaming hot, liquid love; it’s not even 5 am and i’m ALL-THE-WAY-UP {!}, mood and energy-wise, excited to celebrate my 24-hour sidekick’s national day. if you notice a certain pluck in the air, blame it on the caffeine. most likely we’re all wassailing on the free coffee being doled out around the country. i mean puerto rico can’t get water…but let’s make sure WE get our free coffee! {sarcasm font} here are all of the generous merchants across the nation giving away free coffee today… in my neck of the woods there is no shortage of new, fancy, instagram-desirable coffee shops. i’ve been to at least ten different, new coffee “houses” in the last year that rival boutique hotel lobbies they’re so pretty. their coffee? blech. it tastes like the soap from the…