GET UnReal

happy thursday lovers! {katie here} #goodisback! good is back according to my taste buds and according to unreal chocolates, a super natural, snack company started by two teenage brothers, kris {23} + nicky {20}, who are on a “mission to unjunk the world.” enter unreal chocolates and then let them “enter your BELLY!!!!” these are fantastic. i discovered these mouth parties in the checkout line at my local mothers market. the cashier properly warned me of their addictive nature, although i didn’t warn him of my propensity for binge eating. three handfuls later and a stomach ache that’s lasted longer than my first marriage, i’m finally able to come up for air to tell you guys about these amazing chocolates. i did my best termite impersonation with their version of the reese’s peanut butter cup; but without all the bullshit preservatives, fillers, and animal products. my favorite is their dark…

keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…with your jade roller.

happy monday sweethearts. katie here, back from vacation, unrested and beset with the need to recover; note to self: traveling with a toddler isn’t the same as a ‘couple’s only’ trip. i’m happy to be home and back on my regular schedule of structured madness. today i’m talking to you about jade rolling. i was first introduced to jade massage during a facial at ling skincare; still hands down one of the best facials of my life. tina, the aesthetician¬†massaged my face with a cold, mint green device called the “jade roller'” and described to me how it helped the products dissipate deeper into my skin, stimulated my collagen, and warded off wrinkles. all i knew was that it felt incredible, and i had to have one. better yet, i bought TWO! these are not expensive. i purchased mine on amazon, and the reason i got two was so i…