keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…with your jade roller.

happy monday sweethearts. katie here, back from vacation, unrested and beset with the need to recover; note to self: traveling with a toddler isn’t the same as a ‘couple’s only’ trip. i’m happy to be home and back on my regular schedule of structured madness. today i’m talking to you about jade rolling. i was first introduced to jade massage during a facial at ling skincare; still hands down one of the best facials of my life. tina, the aesthetician massaged my face with a cold, mint green device called the “jade roller'” and described to me how it helped the products dissipate deeper into my skin, stimulated my collagen, and warded off wrinkles. all i knew was that it felt incredible, and i had to have one. better yet, i bought TWO! these are not expensive. i purchased mine on amazon, and the reason i got two was so i…

katie gets her {8}greens

 be honest. have you had ingested something GREEN today? a salad? some broccoli? a green juice? sautéed spinach? before i became a mother i was much better about my nutrition. typically every night was a GIANT spinach salad and during the day i was dutiful about getting a rice bowl or vegetable soup in here and there. but cut to two-years postpartum, and regrettably much of my nourishment is limited to what i can put into a coffee mug or what i can fit into my pocket. so you can imagine the joy i felt upon learning i had won {yes as in, i entered a contest and they chose me!–me! i got the final rose!} the cosbar/8greens drawing. {ok…so it was more random than i would have liked but i STILL won bitches.} cosbar is the newest addition to the orange county beauty scene. recently opened in the lido marina…