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girl crush: lauren jolliffe

happy monday lovers!

we are crushing balls to the wall on today’s girl crush.

hilarious as she is beautiful, and altruistic and she is industrious—this is a girl you want on your team.

a wife, mother, sister, daughter, author, and philanthropist, she wears all of these hats with the panache of a runway model.

ladies and gentlemen, we give you: lauren jolliffe.

newport beach by birth, but raised with an around-the-globe education, lauren’s worldly appetites started young. a graduate of the university of rome, lauren travels overseas yearly, young daughter, brinkley, and husband in tow. happy to travel alongside the lauren’s via social media, we have followed lauren around the earth for her thrilling and always gut-busting escapades; with brinkley usually stealing the show.

lauren recently wrote a children’s book, the adventure’s of aunty apple in africainspired by her own travels and based on letters between her {aka aunty apple} and her nephew.

here’s a little glimpse into the world of this yummy mummy:

name 5 bottom of the jar products?

these are not all in jars but I will tell you my favorite things I put on my body that I swear by:

 La Mer facial cream -Jlo wears it so enough said.

 Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced Makeup. – news flash it is not better than sex but it works.

 Dior airflash makeup – covers pigmentation in a flash.

Makeup Forever HD – I swear this is like theater makeup but I need it.

Soap Walla Deodorant Cream – It is so important  to use deodorant that is naturally based and this one works.

who is your style icon and why?

Iris Apfel – I mean if you don’t know who Iris is you must google this fabulous 95 years young woman. She is the fashion inspiration for my children’s book “The Adventures of Aunty Apple”. I also love the nuggets of wisdom by this woman: “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles”

{here’s lauren’s daughter: beautiful, razor-smart, and HILARIOUS brinkley, doing her best “IRIS APFEL.}

Erica Pelosini @ericapelosini – Wow does this girl live the most glamour, centered, jet set life. It is so fun to watch this Vogue Contributor’s daily posts.  I suggest checking out her instagram, it is better than Vogue.

Giovana Battaglisa Engelbert or @bat_gio on instagram – Giovanna is a fashion editor for Vogue and has access to the most gorgeous clothes.  She also just had the most spectacular wedding in Capri this past summer. You must instagram stalk and see the photos.

Ok so I am by no means a fashionista however I admire so many women that sport their own unique style with confidence, I call it “wear without a care”.

how has your style changed now that you’re a mom?

 I once lived in Rome for 5 years. In that time in my life I would only exit my apartment if I was fully done from head to toe. This usually included a printed scarf around my head or neck and heels. Those heels worked great on cobblestones {throw in the sarcasm}. Now I would call my new mom style “Aisle 9”.  I have lost all my sense of style.

what is your fall/winter/spring/summer fashion must have item?

Winter – A sweatshirt or sweater that covers what I did at Thanksgiving.

Summer – Caftan every day! I love Theodora and Callum Caftans. I also have a children’s caftan line coming out under my Aunty Apple label. {Sorry I had to do a plug☺️}

Spring – What is Spring fashion? I have no idea.  If I was going to guess a fashion items it would be layers. In the Spring you wake up freezing, then by noon it’s hot. So you have to plan two outfits per day. I don’t plan so I look homeless in the Spring.

Fall.  – Orange Hunter Boots so no one hits me at the cross walk.

finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

 Makeup – because I have to cover this skin of mine. A big rimmed hat – I have to protect my already sun damaged skin.  The last thing I never leave home without is a bag of tricks.  When I say a bag of tricks I mean a whole other bag full of kiddo activities. This bag has Play Doh, miniature disney characters, tons of legos, drawing pad and every crayon from all of the restaurants that like kids in the OC.

what is your favorite smell?

Cinnamon and plumerias.

what are your vices?

Sweets, I have always wanted to work at a bakery. I know that is not a good idea because I would end up 800 pounds with no teeth and permanent fondant in my nails.

in what historical era would you most like to have lived? and why?

The 50’s so I could wear poodle skirt to school,  Every day I would twirl my high ponytail while at a Malt Shop stressing out wondering what will be on the radio that night.

Every day I would wait at the gymnasium for my boyfriend Marty to come pick me up in his new flying machine.

what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

 Since I am not a beach person I will say the weather. Yes, I just admitted I am not a beach person.  Usually it is pretty consistently warm here in general, we must pay higher taxes as California residents for that reason, maybe we should call it the sun tax?.  I do love driving PCH to my favorite little sweet town Laguna Beach, that is one of my favorite things about living here.

what are your least favorite things about southern california?

Oh this answer would get me in trouble. But I’ll go with beach traffic.

what’s your favorite part about being a mom?

Observing something you grew inside yourself become an independent person.

what’s your least favorite part about being a mom?

 Seeing that little independent person show attitude to the person who grew them.

what’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood?

The lack of sleep and how the job is 24 hours and no skills needed but many required.

what was the last book you read and loved?

Here are my tops:

I read a lot of health books these days and I absolutely love non fiction.

Non Fiction: Even Silence Has An End by Ingrid Betancourt – I lived in Ecuador and I have always been fascinated by the FARC and their kidnappings.  This is a true tale of the famous kidnapping of Ingrid Bettencourt in the jungles of Colombia.  Living in South America you hear about kidnappings often so this book intrigued me after following her story for many years.

Lone Survivor – The true story of Marcus Luttrel. My friend was with Marcus in the Military and gave me this amazing read.

Health: How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

Take care of your health, open your eyes and become a student of the world and question everything. Find the answers yourself, go after everything and anything you have ever wanted and you will succeed. This is a little off topic but I truly believe in Vision Boards. I created one 10 years ago and most of it has come true.  I wish I would have created one at 25.

what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like?

Traveling Europe with my family and our friends, staying in beautiful towns in Switzerland and in Italy.

you get two hours of kid-free time—what do you do?

Sit around and say what do I do with myself? hahha just kidding, I work on my many ongoing projects. I like to start projects.

family members excluded what is your most prized possession?

My two mac book pros. I literally call them my babies.  I always think if there is a fire, I ‘ll grab those and my daughter and run.  My husband will have to manage on his own.

what’s been the best advice you have personally ever received? The worst?

The Worst advice ” oh you guys should meet”.  Remember, always look at who is giving you advice. If you admire them, then take it; if you don’t know them, grab your groceries and leave.
Best advice  What’s meant for you won’t pass you by, if it is right for you it will work out.”

what’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?

I like to sit by the fire and drink tea with a blanket on my legs like a grandma.

what is your ideal day?

Waking up on the island of Capri with my husband saying “here is my credit card go max it out honey.”

where did the inspiration for a children’s book come from?