friday i’m in love


it’s friday i’m in love….

can i get a “hands in the air” HELL-YES–it’s friday?!?!?! what a week?! i’ve reached my lifetime quota in toddler vomit and tantrums. I’M the one who needs a binkie! luckily for me, my baby’s yumminess is sweeter than her salty; and one giggle or sweaty palmed reach for my face renders me amnesiac and full of baby-girl love. here are few other things i’m loving on: how cute is leigh? she’s been momming like a mutha-effer lately to all those beautiful children of hers–meanwhile i’m giving sutton a scissors and a sack of sugar to keep her occupied in the afternoons so i can play on facebook. hashtag priorities. here leigh is looking as adorable and MILF’y as can be at her daughter’s speech for class president this week {she won!}–i embarrassed everyone by demanding a photo shoot because her outfit was so insane! tee-shirt is available here. one…

friday i’m in love….

surf’s up campers! katie here catching a wave to say “hello” before i sign off for the weekend. hunkiest has given me the gift of an empty house. he and sutton flew up to visit his parents, leaving me a cavernous, squeaky clean, quiet house. i’m currently in bed making snow angels with my arms and legs, in ecstasy. i love my family, but i LOVE to sleep, i love to read, and i LOVE my alone time…..i’m getting ALL of it this weekend. here are a few other things i’m loving:  i think i need to have this silk bow from shopbop. around christmas time my sutton grew 4 strands of hair; just enough for me to attach a ribbon. she would have NOTHING to do with it. i tied one in my hair in an effort she might want to “be like mommy.” she asked for a tattoo and…